Kimla factory 5D CNC router

  • Kimla manufacture heavy duty CNC routers, knife systems and waterjet machines for industrial use, prototyping and educational use
  • Powered by Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system for smooth regulation of the feed speed for exceptional finish at high speeds
  • Daltons Wadkin is the sole agent for Kimla in the UK and Ireland
  • Daltons Wadkin provide comprehensive advice, aftersales support and maintenance should you need it
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  • Kimla BPF industrial CNC router with automatic tool changer and vacuum table

    Kimla Industrial BPF

    Powerful CNC router technology

    The most versatile of all models within the Kimla range, the BPF offers exceptional build quality, heavy duty machining performance and extreme accuracy across a wide range of materials. Options such as vacuum table, oscillating knife, creasing wheel, and camera recognition for cut to print finishing enable the machine to be tailored for working in a range of manufacturing environments including furniture, automotive, aerospace, point of sale and sign manufacturing.

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  • Kimla BPT CNC router and oscillating knife system

    Kimla BPT High Speed

    High speed knife and router

    Designed for high speed cutting (up to 1500mm/sec) of lighter materials such as foam, cardboard etc., the BPT shares the same heavy duty machine frame as the BPF but is equipped with a light weight gantry for faster movement. Normally featuring a servo or pneumatic knife head, the machine can also be equipped with a router head, creasing wheel, and camera system.

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  • Kimla BlackBox CNC router

    Kimla BlackBox

    Fully enclosed Desktop CNC engraver

    A high speed desktop CNC router available in 3, 4 or 5 axis configurations. The unit is fully enclosed to minimise dust and noise emissions making it ideal for classrooms or cleanrooms in education and industry. Tailor the BlackBox specification with a choice of working heads and tool changers.

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  • Kimla BlackBird CNC router, ideal for education and light industry

    Kimla BlackBird

    Compact, cost effective CNC routing

    Available as a desktop or floor standing model the BlackBird provides quick and accurate machining with a range of bed sizes from 500 x 500mm to 2100 x 2500mm. Options for oscillating knife, mist lubrication, creasing wheel and router heads make it ideal for rapid prototyping, sign manufacturing and educational applications.

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  • Kimla BlackBird desktop CNC router

    Kimla BlackBird (Desktop)

    Compact CNC router

    The Kimla BlackBird (Desktop) CNC Router is very compact making it suitable for Educational establishments, sign makers and woodworkers for the machining of cardboard, plastic, wood, MDF, Plywood, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals.

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  • Kimla streamcut micro cnc waterjet cutter

    Kimla StreamCut Micro

    Compact waterjet cutting

    For smaller workshops or educational environments the StreamCut Mirco includes of the features of the standard model but operates within a fully enclosed work space. Although working area is limited to 500 x 500 mm, the Micro is suitable for continual production use.

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  • Kimla streamcut waterjet cnc router

    Kimla StreamCut 3 Axis

    High tolerance precision cutting

    The StreamCut range of CNC waterjets from Kimla offer extreme cutting tolerances in almost any material from soft foams to steel and stone. The 3 axis model is available in a range of working areas starting from 2100 x 1100 mm. Powered by Accustream, a cutting width of less than 1mm can be achieved. Low pressure piercing for brittle materials, waterjet specific tool path generation and full waterbath with air-bag displacement are standard.

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  • Kimla streamcut cnc waterjet 5 axis

    Kimla StreamCut 5 Axis

    Versatile waterjet cutting

    The StreamCut 5 axis builds on the standard StreamCut specification with full 5 axis positioning for intricate machining. Nesting software with waterjet specific control software ensures maximum yield and performance no matter the material. Digital AC digital servo motors operate up to 900 mm/ sec.

    Explore the Kimla StreamCut 5 Axis

New Kimla CNC Routers

Daltons Wadkin is the sole agent for Kimla CNC routers and waterjets in the UK offering initial sales advice, and ongoing service, spares and training. Visit our showroom for working demonstrations on the latest Kimla technology.

Our sales and service team can help configure your machine to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about CNC routers. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom

History of Kimla

Kimla, situated in Czestochowa, Poland, manufacture a wide range of industrial CNC machine tools designed for use with almost any material.

Kimla machines are widely distributed around the globe and their customers range from education and other public authority users to manufacturing plants large and small. Materials worked include timber, plastics, cardboard, aluminium, steel and cast iron using the unique technology developed over years of innovation by the Kimla company.

As Mr Kimla himself says, “We have gained our rich experience performing advanced projects for 15 years. At the beginning we were focused on the production of electronics and control systems for CNC machines. However, it quickly became clear that the creativity and potential of our employees enabled realization of much more complicated projects, so soon we started the production of machines with a much greater technical advancement, exceptional performance and speed. At the moment the Kimla machines provide all the available technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs. Today, being considered a leader in the industry, we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions.

Kimla machines achieve industry-leading performance at prices which are significantly lower than those offered by reputable companies from all over the world. We are improving our machines by ceaseless increasing their parameters. This is possible thanks to the expansion of our manufacturing plants with several new production facilities and information and technology infrastructure.”

Daltons Wadkin

Sole Agents for Kimla in the UK and Ireland

Kimla CNC routers form part of our comprehensive range of panel processing equipment including Altendorf panel saws, Elcon vertical panel saws and CEHISA edgebanders. Our own Kimla factory trained engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your CNC router.


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