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  • Features
    • Fully enclosed machining area
    • 3 axis engraving & routing
    • Reduces noise and dust emission
    • Space saving desk top version or available with free standing base
    • Engraving speed up to 300 mm/sec, equivalent to 10 characters per second
    • Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system for smooth regulation of the feed speed
    • Aluminium T-slot table
    • Each machine custom built to individual requirements
    • AC digital servo motors or stepper motors available to suit budgets
    • Automatic tool length sensor and Z axis calibration
  • Description

    The Kimla BlackBox is a benchtop engraving machine with a parallel configuration with a moving table. The enclosed design makes the machine quieter and easy to keep it clean, and its small size allows to place it in classrooms and office environments. It is perfect for engraving in wax, laminate, plexiglass and plastic. It works very well in aluminium and ferrous metals, and it is excellent for performing dies for hot-stamping and stamps. By combining the technology of parallel kinematics with the excellent control of the dynamic analysis of vectors Kimla have attained efficiencies frequently exceeding applicable performing standards. The electro-spindle with a maximum speed of 24,000 rpm, and a system of automatic correction of the tool length allows for extremely efficient operation while maintaining the excellent quality of treatment.

  • Specification
    • Number of axes 3
    • X axis movement 400 mm
    • Y axis movement 375 mm
    • Z axis movement 130 mm
    • Speed of movement, max. 300 mm/sec
    • Power Varies with model
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  • Important information

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