Now is the time to invest. As an incentive for businesses to invest in new equipment, the Government provides a Capital/ Annual Investment Allowance of £200,000 – this means that for every £1 invested in machinery, equipment and vehicles taxable profits will be reduced by the same amount up to £200,000 so effectively every £1 spent will only cost £0.80p

Asset Finance

The most successful businesses have to borrow to expand and getting the right financial help can make an enormous difference. Keeping pace with modern manufacturing techniques demands the latest woodworking machine technology. Take advantage today and give your business the competitive edge in a fast moving and highly competitive marketplace.

Working with our partners at UK Asset Solutions Ltd we can arrange Finance Facilities to fund investment of all levels.

Asset Protection

Standard equipment warranty does not cover accidental damage caused by operator error, electrical power surges, collisions, ingress of foreign bodies etc. Your standard insurance policies may not cover mechanical or electrical breakdown either.

Extended damage and breakdown cover provides valuable protection for up to 7 years against the following;

  • accidental damage and breakdown
  • unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • operator error, power surge, short circuit and collision
  • PCB failure, theft and influx of foreign materials
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