Elcon vertical panel saw sub frame front

  • Elcon manufacture a complete range of vertical panel saws to suit all types and sizes of panel
  • Elcon specialise exclusively in vertical panel saws
  • Daltons Wadkin is the sole distributor for Elcon in the UK and Ireland
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  • Elcon vertical panel saw for tail lift manufacturing

    Elcon Special Products

    Customised sawing solutions

    In addition to the standard range of machines offered, Elcon also offer truly bespoke solutions to virtually any panel cutting application including increased cutting lengths up to 12m and beyond, increased cutting height up to 3m or more, special material solutions for thick or delicate panels to name a few.

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  • Elcon TITAN vertical panel saw for deep cutting

    Elcon DSD TITAN

    Deep sawing solutions

    Panel cutting requirements today often exceed the standard 60mm or 80mm capacity offered by most vertical panel saw manufacturers. There has been an increasing demand for thicker panel materials of 100mm, 120mm 135mm end even 150mm used in industry – particularly sandwich panels which generally comprise of a combination of differing materials, such as a soft inner core and an external cladding of wood, plastic, aluminium or even steel. TITAN has been developed to cope with these applications.

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  • Elcon D

    Compact, affordable panel sizing

    This entry level, feature rich model offers compact panel sawing for customers with a limited budget. Available in three frame sizes to suit a range of standard board dimensions the Elcon D model features mid-rail fence, high speed saw unit, board rollers for loading/ unloading and double cut scoring for faced material.

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  • Elcon DS

    Robust, repeatable precision

    Probably the most popular model for the UK market. The Elcon DS vertical panel saw can be equipped with electronic digital readouts to the head and fence position for absolute, repeatable accuracy. Additional options such as extended fence measuring stop support, increased motor powers, v-grooving and panel clamps etc can be specified to suit individual requirements as necessary.

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  • Elcon DSX

    Deep capacity cutting

    A heavy duty saw beam, increased cutting depth to 80mm with pneumatic head plunge and 4kW motor make the DSX a powerful and versatile vertical panel saw. Additional options include automatic pneumatic head tilt, pneumatic mid-rail fence, digital readouts and quick set electro-pneumatic double cut scoring system.

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    Reduce material handling

    Traditionally with a vertical panel saw sheets are worked from the top down, with boards first strip cut horizontally prior to crosscutting to finished sizes. The ADVANCE system turns the cutting process on its head. Panel clamps descend and grab the material from above taking its full weight allowing the operator to work the material from the bottom up. Strip cuts can be immediately crosscut while the rest of the board remains in the clamps eliminating repeat panel handling.

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  • Elcon QUADRA

    The world’s most advanced vertical panel saw

    For ultimate productivity the Quadra model takes ADVANCE clamping to the next level with the addition of a CNC controlled pusher. The pusher positions the cut strip for crosscutting. The whole process is automated requiring the operator to only start each process with a single button press. Multiple cutting lists can be programmed directly at the machine or remotely from an office PC.

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Used and New Elcon Vertical Panel Saws

Daltons Wadkin is the sole distributor for Elcon vertical panel saws in the UK and Ireland. Our extensive showroom and demonstration facilities provide customers with a comprehensive understanding of the overall concept behind wall saws as well detailed explanations of key features and options.

Our sales and service team can help configure your machine to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about vertical panel saws. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom

History of Elcon

In one of the wooden sheds of a small-sized shipyard in Hollands green-hearted lake district, still very near Elcon’s present location, the first sawing machine saw the light in the year 1948. It was the result of the need to work timber for deck-houses at the one hand and the post-war lack of machinery on the other.

The moment a neighbouring carpenter caught a glimpse of this remarkable piece of work, his interest was roused, and subsequently a new industry was born.

The two brothers Gerard and Frans Meijer, started to produce a wide variety of woodworking machines, ranging from circular saws, moulders and thicknessers to planers, tenonners, etc.

Soon production had grown such that it was necessary to move into a new building in 1953. In subsequent years further enlargements had to be realised, until in 1995 the growth of the activities forced the construction of a completely new and modern building at the newly developed industrial estate near Amsterdam Airport.

The first vertical panel-sawing machine, now Elcon’s sole product, was developed in 1971. Although some of these first models are still in daily use in workshops, they look rather old-fashioned compared to today’s range of sophisticated machinery.

By the end of the 1980’s, the next generation Piet and Pieter Meijer had taken over the management tasks of both their fathers.

Today, still in the ownership of the Meijer family, the company work through a world-wide network of high profile distributors. With this international partnership functioning as a Taskforce for new developments, Elcon have built up an enviable reputation for innovation and design enabling them to occupy a position at the very forefront of the industry sector.

Daltons Wadkin
Sole distributors for ELCON

Daltons Wadkin have been supplying Elcon vertical panel saws into the UK for over 35 years. The brand forms an integral part our panel processing portfolio including Altendorf panel saws, CEHISA edgebanders and Kimla CNC routers. Our own Elcon factory trained engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your vertical panel saw..

Looking for advice, training or spare parts for Elcon? Call Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201 for friendly expert advice.


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