• Sedgwick TE and TESH single end tenoners

    Sedgwick TE

    End grain machining

    The Sedgwick TE tenoner is a quick and simple machine to set up with accurate operation. Work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and fence. The tenon width is set by raising or lowering the top motor and its position on the timber by moving both tenon heads up or down.

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  • Sedgwick TE and TESH single end tenoners

    Sedgwick TESH

    Tenoning and scribing

    As with the TE model the TESH tenoner is equipped with independent motors to each head with a provision for profile knives to enable the operator to match the cross section of the components being jointed. Stepped tenons, slayed tenons, scribed tenons, double tenons and multiple bridle are all possible on this versatile machine.

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  • Sedgwick TA315 sawbench

    Sedgwick TA315

    Compact sawbench with sliding table

    The Sedgwick TA315 is a compact sawbench complete with a fabricated steel crosscut table designed for cutting mitres and compound angles, end trimming, squaring, dividing and trimming. The large cast iron table mounted on a heavy duty steel cabinet provides maximum timber support.

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  • Sedgwick TA450 sawbench

    Sedgwick TA450

    Deep cutting tilting arbor sawbench

    The Sedgwick TA450 offers a deep ripping facility at incredible value. The rip fence is aluminium section, allowing for two working positions (ripping and angled ripping) and for movement fore and aft in relation to the sawblade. It is fixed to a heavy duty cast iron mounting bracket for rigidity, and has integral micro adjustment.

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  • Sedgwick CP planer thicknesser

    Sedgwick CP 410 x 230 mm

    Large capacity planning and thicknessing

    The Sedgwick CP is the largest combination planer thicknesser in the range. The thicknessing table is again cast iron and is mounted on a large diameter precision ground pillar to ensure precise and parallel positioning.

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  • Sedgwick MB planer thicknesser

    Sedgwick MB 308 x 230 mm

    12” combination machining

    For long term accuracy, and to avoid mode changes, the surfacing tables remain in place when thicknessing, utilising instead a dual function chip collection hood. The thicknessing table is again cast iron and is mounted on a large diameter precision ground pillar to ensure precise and parallel positioning.

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  • Sedgwick 571 chisel mortiser

    Sedgwick 571

    Economical mortising

    The Sedgwick 571 offers a cost effective mortising solution to the small to medium workshop. A cast iron base, column, table and slide ways provide a rigid and durable mainframe assembly, onto which is mounted the cast iron chisel head and motor. The chisel head assembly is counterbalanced by a weight, giving fingertip control.

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Daltons Wadkin is a leading supplier and official stockist of Sedgwick woodworking machines in the UK. With extensive showroom and demonstration facilities as well as dedicated engineering workshops we give customers the choice to buy new or used Sedgwick machines.

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History of Sedgwick

At the heart of the Sedgwick philosophy is an appreciation of traditional engineering standards, and a determination to provide genuine life cycle value to all Sedgwick Machines.

Sedgwick are committed to the development and production of new and existing products targeted specifically at the professional, semi-professional and education markets.

All woodworking machines are designed and built here in the UK using the latest in computer aided design and manufacture and CNC machine tools. The first Sedgwick woodworking machinery workshop was opened in Bramley near Leeds, and it was here that the original 571 Hollow Chisel Morticer (which is still in production) was designed and built.

In 1963 Maurice was joined full-time by his son John, and the workforce moved to Pudsey, where they commenced building of additional Sedgwick machinery types, including saws, planer thicknesser, and spindle moulders. A new factory was built in 1985 in Stanningley, West Yorkshire under John Sedgwick’s design and guidance to house a larger production facility and to ensure room for further expansion.

John continues to supply the direction for Sedgwick, specifically heading up the design and development department and aiding in the selection of new materials and suppliers.

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