Abrasive wheels are used throughout industry. Almost 50% of accidents involving abrasive wheels are attributed to unsafe systems of work and/ or operator error. We offer tailored courses delivered either onsite at customers premises or in our dedicated training facility in Nottingham.


Training is essential for anyone operating abrasive wheel equipment. The law, as set out in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER98) states that all persons who operate equipment must receive adequate training.

Regulation 9 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (1) Every employer shall ensure that all persons who use work equipment have received adequate training for purposes of health and safety, including training in the methods which may be adopted when using the work equipment, any risks which such use may entail and precautions to be taken.


Our courses are tailored to individual and business needs and are designed to prevent accidents, in particular injury resulting from either wheel breakage or contact with a running wheel.

The aim of each course unit is to inform, access and certify the learner in Safe Setting and Operator Training on each woodworking machine in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, the Workplace Health Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Each course will cover the following areas;

  • Hazards and risks arising from the use of abrasive wheels and the precautions to be observed
  • Methods or marking abrasive wheels with their type, size and maximum operating speed
  • How to store, hand and transport abrasive wheels
  • Functions of all parts used with abrasive wheels (e.g. flanges, blotters, bushes, nuts etc.)
  • How to assemble and balance abrasive wheels
  • Correct method for dressing an abrasive wheel
  • Proper adjustment of work rests where applicable
  • Used of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)

Each learner receives an assessment at the end of the course. Successful candidates are issued with a certificate on completion.

Our abrasive wheel training course includes the provision of a training book with detailed information, illustrations and important safety information. Training books are left with each learner for future reference.


Daltons Wadkin are the longest established woodworking machine suppliers in the UK and have been providing industry led training for over 15 years, continually honing the courses to meet both customer and legal requirements.


As a PIABC Quality Assured training provider we offer certificated courses for novice and new learners, as well as refresher and supervisor courses covering all types and makes of woodworking machinery. We cover all areas of the UK, Ireland and further afield.

The Daltons Wadkin ‘red team’ of dedicated woodworking machine trainers each have a minimum of 10 years time served experience within the industry. All of our trainers hold a formal qualification in teaching and accessing. Our unique, industry leading training material is continually updated to ensure any changes and updates in legislation are covered.

But don’t just take our word for it.

“An excellent session which was tailored to suit our needs and the experience of those attending”.

Walter Thompson Ltd

“The training received was to a very high standard with machines and regulations explained and demonstrated in detail”.

Port of Blyth

“All trainees were very pleased. An excellent course and will definitely use Daltons Wadkin again”.

Pendle Vale College

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