Stenner ST100RS band resaw fence and feed

  • Stenner are a UK manufacturer of heavy duty band resaw equipment
  • Stenner specialise exclusively in band resaws for joinery and saw mill applications
  • Daltons Wadkin is the main agent for Stenner in the UK and Ireland
  • Daltons Wadkin provide comprehensive advice, aftersales support and maintenance should you need it
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  • Stenner ST100RB band resaw

    Stenner ST100RB

    Affordable resawing technology

    The new ST100RB maintains many of the features of the ST100R whist being priced at a level to appeal across a wide spectrum of timber users. The machine shares the same capacity and build quality as the ST100R but has manual controls to the feed and fence movements, thereby representing more traditional operating methods.

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  • Stenner ST100RS band resaw

    Stenner ST100RS

    Increased power and performance

    The new ST100RS incorporates a number of key features to provide even more diversity for processing heavy sections and exotic hardwoods. Increased motor power to 25 HP, infinitely variable pulley speed, powered fence movement and intuitive touch screen control give the ST100RS unbeatable versatility.

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  • Stenner ST100R band resaw

    Stenner ST100R

    Combining traditional power with high-tech control

    The most popular of the Stenner pit-less band resaws, the ST100R features an automatic feed system that recognises when timber is offered against the fence and engages the feed rollers – a valuable time saving feature when working with timber of varying widths. Heavy duty cast band wheels, pneumatic saw strain and variable speed feed is supplemented with on board HMI control unit for management of tracking, emergency systems and feed speed.

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  • Stenner ST130 band resaw

    Stenner ST130

    The ultimate resaw

    The Stenner ST130 pit-less resaw requires no special installation and
    features heavy duty width cast iron table with infeed and outfeed rollers, infinitely variable feed speed, pneumatic saw straining which, coupled with factory set replaceable pressure saw guides, ensure accuracy of cut and minimise blade deviation.

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Used and New Stenner Band Resaws

Daltons Wadkin is the main distributor and leading supplier of Stenner band resaws in the UK and Ireland. With extensive showroom and demonstration facilities as well as dedicated engineering workshops we give customers the choice to buy new or used Stenner band resaws.

Our sales and service team can help configure your machine to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about sliding table panel saws. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom

History of Stenner

Established in 1875, the company is internationally recognised for machinery that offers high quality performance over a long service life. From its well equipped factory and headquarters in Tiverton, Devon in the UK, Stenner designs and builds a wide range of machinery, primarily based around the wide bandsaw.

With a clear focus on the needs of customers, the company responds quickly and effectively to market requirements and pushes ahead with new developments in wide bandsaw technology for customers of all sizes.

Daltons Wadkin

Main agents for Stenner in the UK and Ireland

Stenner band resaws form part of our comprehensive range of solid wood processing equipment including Kuper planer moulders, Salvador automatic crosscut saws and CML multi-rip saws. Our own Stenner factory trained engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your Stenner band resaw.


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