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  • Features
    • Linear drives to all axis
    • Automated pallet shuttle loading/ unloading system
    • Anti-collision system protects against crashes into material or foreign objects
    • Automatic adjustment of head height
    • Up to 10x lower cutting costs compared to traditional CO2 lasers
    • Quartz protected lens
    • Liquid cooling to laser head
    • Adjustable laser optics to suit different materials
    • Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system for high performance cutting of complex shapes
    • Realtime graphical visualisation of laser operation
    • Self-supporting monolithic frame construction for high stability and accuracy (no special foundation required)
    • Compact space saving design
    • Easy import of third party GEO files
    • Optional automatic nozzle changing and cleaning system
    • Optional print head to label workpieces
    • Optional tube cutting system
  • Description

    Truly awesome. The PowerCut delivers uncompromised performance maximising the synergy between fiber laser efficiency and Kimla’s unique CNC motion technology. With automatic pallet loading, compact operational footprint and a choice of laser powers up to 12 kW, the PowerCut is aimed at manufacturers looking for a reliable and efficient cutting system.

    Each axis on a Kimla fibre laser is equipped with linear drives as standard. High powered electromagnets produce frictionless movement with no wearable parts delivering speed, acceleration and accuracy advantages over traditional rack and pinion systems. The PowerCut can reach operating speeds up to 4 m/sec with acceleration up to 60 m/sec2.

    Power and speed is nothing without control and stability. Kimla fibre lasers are manufactured with a monolithic frame, precision machined in a single piece resulting in supreme accuracy across its entire length. The design ensures maximum rigidity, eliminates vibration and allows for installation with no special foundation required. Repeatability positioning is 0.001 mm

    Thanks to the IPG laser source, Kimla fiber lasers offer drastic improvements in terms of efficiency up to 30% compared to CO2 alternatives at a mere 5%. Due to the shorter wavelength of fiber lasers, a higher energy density is achieved in the focused beam allowing for faster cutting with less energy – especially apparent when working with thinner sheet material up to 6mm.

    As an example, a C02 laser with a power output of 4kW requires an 80kW power supply to operate, while a 2 kW fibre laser with equivalent cutting capabilities would consume just 7kW.

    An automatic pallet exchange system is included as standard on the PowerCut enabling continuous production; the operator and machine work continuously. While one pallet is being processed within the machine, the other is free for the operator to unload and reload allowing uninterrupted production. A fully enclosed working area and safety light barriers around the pallet loading/ unloading area ensures operator safety.

    Although stock machines are available for demonstration in our Nottingham showroom, usually each Kimla fiber laser is built to order to ensure a perfect match to customers production requirements. The range of configurations is almost limitless with a choice working areas, laser source powers, automated pallet exchange systems, tower shelving storage, tube cutting and component printing options to name a few.

  • Specification
    • Laser power 2 - 12 kW
    • Working width 1500 - 3000 mm
    • Working length 3000 - 12000 mm
    • Frequency of position adjustment 20 kHz
    • Operational speed Up to 230 m/min
    • Acceleration values Up to 60 m/s2
    • Positioning repeatability 0.001 mm
    • Power 3 phase
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