Wadkin woodworking machinery has always been built to last. Updates in health and safety legislation and PUWER can leave older models illegal to operate. We rebuild equipment to as new standards meeting current legislation.

Long renowned for our engineering expertise in the field of rebuilding woodworking machinery, our workshops turn out equipment of the highest quality. Our highly experienced team of engineers ensure that machines are re-manufactured to match and exceed original specification with regard to accuracy and performance including the latest tooling, braking systems and guarding to meet current health and safety requirements.

What do we do?

  • Machine is stripped down to the basic main frame/casting
  • Specialist engineers examine all components for possible defects
  • All work surfaces, slideways, etc, are re-machined as necessary, bearings, drive belts, etc, replaced and spindles tested for defects, replaced or machined as required
  • Control systems checked and updated where required, electrical wiring replaced and isolator fitted
  • All drives, settings, guides, etc, tested for accuracy and adjusted as necessary
  • Machine repainted in dedicated spray shop inside and out and polished to ensure as new appearance
  • Equipment updated and modified to ensure that it meets current safety standards and in particular PUWER regulations.
  • Provide necessary tools and operating instructions
  • Test run electrically and mechanically to ensure performance and accuracy meets or exceeds original manufacturer’s parameters
  • Warranty – Comprehensive cover for 12 months from date of supply

Always a rebuild never a ‘refurb’

At Daltons Wadkin we don’t like the word ‘refurbished’. This ambiguous term can often mean nothing more than a quick paint and does nothing to improve the machines performance, safe operation or reliability. Always check to see what work has actually been carried out.

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