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  • Features
    • 3 axis machining
    • Router, knife, creasing wheel options
    • High speed operation up to 900 mm/sec
    • Acceleration up to 2g
    • Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system for smooth regulation of the feed speed
    • A range of table types available including vacuum, t-slot, under pressure, hybrid etc
    • Each machine custom built to individual requirements
    • Scanner and touch probe options for digital reading of existing material
    • AC digital servo motors
    • Automatic tool length sensor and Z axis calibration
  • Description

    The Kimla High Speed Universal Cutter has been developed for processing lighter material types (aluminium composites, plastics, foam, rubber etc) at very high speeds. The machine will operate at up to 1500 mm/sec with acceleration up to 2g and can be equipped with a range of cutting heads including static and oscillating knife, creasing wheel, high speed router (50,000 rpm with ceramic bearings), optical sighting system etc.

    All Industrial machines feature High Speed Machining through the Dynamic Vector Analysis Control System – a unique algorithm developed by Kimla processing 15,000 lines of G-code per second resulting in smooth regulation of the feed speed and spindle rotation.

    Further options are available to tailor each machine to your requirements.

  • Specification
    • Number of axes 3
    • X axis movement 1000/ 1500/ 1700/ 2100/ … 2600 mm
    • Y axis movement 1500/ 2000/ 2500/ 5000/ … 24000 mm
    • Z axis movement 100/ 200/ 250 mm
    • Speed of movement, max. 1500 mm/sec
    • Power 3 phase
  • Literature
  • Important information

    Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and improvement, specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. We can accept no liability for discrepancies in specifications or illustrations contained in our publications or the publications of our suppliers.

Tooling & Spare Parts

Tooling and consumables as well as new and legacy spare part supply are available from our Support Services department.

Operator Training

We provide a range of training services from basic familiarisation to full certification covering both new and existing machinery.

Installation & Commissioning

Our factory trained installation engineers are available to setup your machinery ready for use.


It is recommended that high quality equipment of this type be delivered using own specialist HI Ab service.

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