Wadkin C700 bandsaw with open doors
Wadkin C700 bandsaw with open doors
  • Wadkin are a UK manufacturer of heavy duty, classical woodworking machines
  • Wadkin woodworking equipment is built to the highest standards for use in joinery shops around the world
  • Daltons Wadkin is the sole agent for Wadkin equipment
  • Daltons Wadkin provide comprehensive advice, aftersales support and maintenance should you need it
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  • wadkin-series-3-sander-2

    Wadkin Series 3

    Smoothing the way to success

    For anyone looking to upgrade from manual sanding operations the Wadkin Series 3 range of wide belt sanders is a great place to start. Compact and robust, the Series 3 can be configured with a single or twin belt configuration for precision calibrating and fine finishing of both solid wood and panel products. Sanding time is greatly reduced, operator safety and finished quality increased.

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  • wadkin-series-5-sander

    Wadkin Series 5

    High production fine finishing

    For anyone looking to upgrade from manual sanding operations the Wadkin Series 3 range of wide belt sanders is a great place to start. Compact and robust, the Series 3 can be configured with a single or twin belt configuration for precision calibrating and fine finishing of both solid wood and panel products. Sanding time is greatly reduced, operator safety and finished quality increased.

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  • wadkin sjr 2

    Wadkin SJR

    The ultimate surfacing experience

    The impressive Wadkin SJR Surface Planer is the perfect partner to the AT Thicknesser. A quick-set powered infeed table allows for precision adjustment of cutting depth and angle with electronic digital readout. Long surfacing tables, an ergonomically positioned control panel, robust fence and SUVAMATIC guard complete the standard specification.

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  • Wadki AT Thicknesser

    Wadkin AT

    Dedicated thicknessing power

    The Wadkin AT is a standalone dedicated thicknesser for the production of high quality joinery components. Available in a range of working widths the machine incorporates key features for precise reliability and ease of use including programmable powered table height adjustment and a choice of HSS, TERSA and spiral insert cutter blocks.

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  • Wadkin DMV Hollow Chisel Mortiser

    Wadkin DM/V

    Hollow chisel mortiser

    The DM/V supersedes the original DM model. The UK designed and built Wadkin DM/V features cast iron construction throughout and incorporates a vibrating chisel head that greatly reduces operator effort when working with larger chisel sizes and is especially effective on hardwoods. Adjustable task light is now included as standard.

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  • Wadkin C700 bandsaw

    Wadkin C700

    Not just any bandsaw

    The Wadkin C700 is arguably the finest bandsaw available in the world today. Manufactured in the UK, the heavy duty design features cast iron pulley wheels, large cast iron table, precision tracking adjustment and adjustable work light making it ideal for working on a range of materials including wood based products, composites and non-ferrous metals.

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  • Wadkin E400 & E600 bansaws

    Wadkin E600

    Cost effective bandsawing

    The Wadkin E range of bandsaws has been developed to offer a cost effective alternative to the original Wadkin C range. The specification includes rip fence, GL blade guides, telescopic top blade guard, emergency foot stop and tension indicator making it ideal for use in educational establishments as well as industry.

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  • Wadkin E400 & E600 bansaws

    Wadkin E400

    Compact, affordable bandsawing

    Where workshop space is at a premium the small but very capable Wadkin E400 bandsaw is an ideal solution. Including rip fence, cast iron table and pulley wheels, rack and pinion adjusted top blade guard with professional GL blade guides and tension indication the E400 is just at home in an industrial workshop as in secondary schools, colleges and universities.

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  • Wadkin BRA radial arm crosscut saw

    Wadkin BRA350

    The original radial arm crosscut saw
    This classic design has stood the test if time, so why mess with perfection. The Wadkin BRA range of radial arm crosscut saws is still manufactured in the UK and is more than capable of meeting the demands of modern industry. The BRA350 is the smallest in the range but features the same heavy cast iron construction arm and rigid steel frame as the larger models.

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  • Wadkin BRA radial arm crosscut saw

    Wadkin BRA400

    Optimal crosscutting capacity
    The most popular size within the range, the BRA400 model optimises cutting depth with cutting width providing high quality cutting performance on softwoods, hardwoods, aluminium and composites material. With tilting head, and swivel arm adjustment compound and mitre cuts can be quickly set.

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  • Wadkin BRA radial arm crosscut saw

    Wadkin BRA450

    For maximum cutting depth
    The largest capacity model in the Wadkin crosscut range with a cutting depth of 155 mm (just over 6”), the BRA 450 features the same head tilt and swivel arm adjustment as found on the other models but with a larger sacrificial MDF table. For maximum cutting capacity the optional extended arm (available on all BRA models) increases cutting width by additional 265 mm.

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Used and New Wadkin Woodworking Machines

Daltons Wadkin manufactures Wadkin classical woodworking machinery in the UK and is the sole distributor for the range. In addition to new machine manufacture our dedicated workshops service and rebuild equipment updating to the latest tooling and safety regulations.

Our sales and service team can help configure your machine to your specific requirements and answer any questions you may have about new and used Wadkin woodworking equipment. Why not give us a call or visit our showroom

History of Wadkin

Founded by John Wadkin and his brother in law Mr W Jarvis in 1897, the company pioneered high production machines that offered a superior finished product. Following the departure of John Wadkin, Mr Jarvis acquired the help of Wallis Goddard with the intention to expand the business.

Mr Jarvis became acquainted with a Greek gentleman by the name of Lonades who had invented an advanced carburettor. General Motors in the US confirmed that they were interested and invited Mr Jarvis for a meeting to discuss, which led to him booking a place on the Titanic as a means of travel and the disastrous result that he went down with the ill-fated liner.

Wallis Goddard now had a company but no one to run it. Fortunately his son took charge and this continued until 1927 when Mr J Wallace passed away.

The 1914-1918 war saw the Government ask Wadkin for help to develop a machine that could produce wooden propellers for the R.A.F. at a high-rate. After the war the demand for woodworking machinery saw a tremendous upsurge.

Throughout the 1930’s Wadkin extended the range and began making larger woodworking machines such as moulders and tenoners. The first Wadkin numerically controlled machine was produced in 1956, the forerunner to todays CNC equipment The machine proved to be successful generating much interest from the industry.

In 2010 following the liquidation of Wadkin Limited, the intellectual property rights were purchased by Nottingham based woodworking machinery distributors and manufacturers A L Dalton Ltd. This move brought together two long established woodworking machinery suppliers who have traded with each other for over 50 years and accumulated over 200 years experience in the industry between them.

Today, the classical range of Wadkin woodworking equipment is manufactured in Nottingham to the same exacting standards and available exclusively from Daltons Wadkin.

Daltons Wadkin

Sole agents for Wadkin in the UK and Ireland

Wadkin Ltd is now owned by A L Dalton Ltd with products manufactured in the UK. Wadkin woodworking machines form part of our comprehensive range of solid wood processing equipment including Kuper planer moulders, Salvador automatic crosscut saws and CML multi-rip saws. Our own engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your Wadkin machine.


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