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  • Features
    • Linear drives to all axis
    • Anti-collision system protects against crashes into material or foreign objects
    • Up to 10x lower cutting costs compared to traditional CO2 lasers
    • Quartz protected lens
    • Liquid cooling to laser head
    • Adjustable laser optics to suit different materials
    • Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) system for high performance cutting of complex shapes
    • Realtime graphical visualisation of laser operation
    • Self-supporting monolithic frame construction for high stability and accuracy (no special foundation required)
    • Compact space saving design
    • Easy import of third party GEO files
  • Description

    Designed to cater for entry level production requirements, the Kimla FineCut is ideal for smaller companies looking to take their first step into fiber laser cutting. The FineCut has a compact footprint and a working area of 1000 x 2000 mm and up to 2 kW laser power and benefits from linear drives to each axis, automatic head height adjustment and anti-collision system as standard.

    Compared to traditional CO2 cutting, fiber lasers deliver significant advantages in processing speed and energy consumption especially when working within thinner sheet metal up to 6mm. With a shorter wavelength and higher energy density, fiber lasers consume far less energy and can operate at higher speeds delivering considerable efficiencies over CO2 alternatives.

    As a specialist machine manufacturer, Kimla takes the inherent advantages of fiber laser cutting and combines it with its own advanced CNC technology to deliver truly outstanding performance and reliability. In house development and production of proprietary control systems, drives and inverters allows Kimla to exploit the benefits of fiber laser cutting like no other.

  • Specification
    • Laser power 1 - 2 kW
    • Working width 1000 mm
    • Working length 2000 mm
    • Frequency of position adjustment 20 kHz
    • Operational speed Up to 150 m/min
    • Acceleration values Up to 20 m/s2
    • Positioning repeatability 0.001 mm
    • Power 3 phase
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  • Important information

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