Kimla Industrial BPF

3 and 4 Axis CNC Router

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  • Features

    • 3 or 4 axis machining
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Digital AC servo drives
    • Automatic tool length measurement
    • Customisable working area
    • Vacuum and t-slot table options
    • Range of operating heads available - router, oscillating knife, creasing wheel etc
    • Suitable for a wide range of materials
  • Description

    The Kimla Industrial BPF CNC router takes all aspects of CNC machining to the next level. Processing speed, build quality, operating system and ease of use are unsurpassed. The multi-purpose capabilities of this CNC router make it suitable for almost any business working with wood, MDF, Plywood, aluminium and composites, cardboard, plastics and to name a few.

    Built to meet your requirements

    Maximum operating performance is achieved through precision ground and hardened helical rack drives (for the X and Y axis), ballscrews (for the Z axis). All guides, motors and sensors are fully enclosed minimising cleaning and maintenance and increasing machine life.

    Digital AC servo drives are controlled through real-time ethernet connection enabling the machine to continually monitor and adjust working speeds and positioning to deliver an accuracy of 0.001mm.

    Automatic tool length correction is standard on all Kimla models. Following every tool change the machine automatically measures the tool length and compensates the Z axis position to maintain accuracy and eliminate the possibility of cutting into the table through operator error.

    Automatic tool changers can be specified either as a linear rack on the rear of the machine, or as a larger capacity rotary changer mounted on the moving gantry.

    A choice of working tables include aluminium T-slot, vacuum bed with industrial Becker pump, or a hybrid of the two. Zoned vacuum areas allow workpieces of varying sizes to be quickly secured. Working areas start at 1500 x 1000mm but can be specified up to 8000 x 3000mm and beyond. Most commonly 1500 x 2500mm working areas for 8 x 4’ panels, and 2100 x 3100mm working areas for 10 x 5’ panels and full acrylic sheets are requested.

    Thanks to the heavy duty construction of the Kimla BPF, the standard Z axis clearance of 200mm can be increased up to 700mm – ideal for working with larger components or applications that require complex jigs or 4 axis machining.

    A choice of 3 or 4 axis models are available. Two 4th axis options include rotary ‘C’ axis for utilising aggregate heads, or angular ‘A’ axis for positioning the entire router spindle, particularly effective for door manufacturing.

    Software and operation

    Kimla CNC machines are powered by PC-CAM, Kimla’s own intuitive software suite that provides a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution with nesting control and CNC machine functions. The software can be used on an unlimited number of PC’s without additional costs.

    For customers that already have a preferred CAD/CAM package such as AlphaCAM, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Cabinet Vision etc., Kimla’s software works with the majority of file types to seamlessly integrate into your production workflow.

    Manual nesting functions are included as standard, and can be upgraded to an automatic algorithm at any time. Parts can be created and stored in a library along with different materials all pre-set with unique machining parameters for minimal set up times.

    The Kimla BPF CNC routers feature High Speed Machining (HSM). Kimla’s Dynamic Vector Analysis Control (DVA) system processes up to 15,000 lines of G-code per second for smooth regulation of the feed speed resulting in an unrivalled cutting finish across a range of materials.

    Depending on the machine size, the operator control station can be mounted on an articulated arm for space saving, ergonomic positioning, or configured as a separate free standing console.

    Additional options

    When specifying a CNC router for the digital sign industry additional options such as oscillating knife head, creasing wheel and camera recognition system can be added for cut to print finishing.

    A mist lubrication system is available for working with non-ferrous metals.

    For reverse engineering a 3D touch probe is available for detailed mapping of existing components. Once mapped the data saved and modified for reproduction.

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  • Specification

    • Number of axes 3 or 4
    • X axis movement 1000/ 1500/ 1700/ 2100/ ... 2600 mm
    • Y axis movment 1500/ 2000/ 2500/ 5000/ ... 7000 mm
    • Z axis movment 200/ 300/ 400/ 500/ 600/ 700 mm
    • Maximum speed of movement 900 mm/sec
    • Spindle 5.5/ 7/ 9/ 12/ 14/ 16/ 18 kW
    • Working accuracy 0.001 mm
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  • Disclaimer

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