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Salvador Crosscut Saw News Feb 2018

Growing global coverage driven through an unwavering entrepreneurial passion sees Salvador automatic crosscut saws continue to gain market share and reach record results.

“We had an extremely positive 2017 that has confirmed, even to those who still had some doubts, that the crisis is over. We never stopped believing that new opportunities were still there, we’ve chosen to never stop working hard on it. And we were right: within the last few years we’ve doubled our turnover, broadened the range of automatic crosscut saws, raised the technological level of our machines, and started new entrepreneurial experiences”. This is how Christian Salvador, Sales Manager of the company with the same name located in San Vendemiano, in the Northern province of Treviso, Italy, perfectly summarises the past, intense year.

Salvador specialises in the production of automatic, programmable crosscut saws that, at their very core, reduce cutting times, increase safety, reduce waste and boost productivity and efficiency across a wide range of industries.

“We’re pleased with the work done on all markets, worldwide, remaining faithful to our commitment to become ever more “global”, comments Christian. The facts have proven us right: for several years now our turnover has kept growing, thanks also and above all to having strengthened our position in many countries. We’ve had very good returns on our investments in Eastern Europe, and positive signs on the former Soviet Union countries and Ukraine markets. The Balkan market area is going well, Scandinavia even better, returning to levels of high interest, the Romanian market is an area of great excitement and we’ve got excellent news also in North America. All this has helped us become who we are today: a lean company, having about twenty employees and a turnover close to 6 million euro”.

Alex Dalton, director of Daltons Wadkin, sole agents and distributors for Salvador in the UK and Ireland comments, ‘A pattern of demand has clearly emerged over the past few years. Customers are seeking higher productivity machines, solutions that allow them to reach ever-higher levels of quality in a shorter time. The most forward thinking business leaders in the woodworking sector are taking advantage of Salvador crosscut saws, allowing them to increase their flexibility and boost their production rates”.

The strategy chosen by Salvador is to follow the market by analysing customers requests and feed back. Rather than translating this information into “special machines” or “tailor made” solutions, the company has chosen instead to enrich and refine its entire product range creating an industry leading portfolio of high-tech crosscutting machines.

Salvador Classic semi auto crosscut saw
Salvador Classic semi auto crosscut saw

Testament to this philosophy is the success of Salvamac, the Polish manufacturing facility for semi-automatic crosscut saws set up just 18 months ago, which has already exceeded the targets set by Christian Salvador. The Salvamac range allows even the smallest crosscutting requirements to be met with an innovative solution for decreasing labour skill, increasing safety and speeding up production.

It is not only the products that have evolved, but Salvador’s philosophy also. “The times demand us to look beyond, to combine, for example, the internet and more traditional sales support, by setting ever more rapid and effective supplier-customer relationship models.” adds Christian. “We need to create relationships, to act as catalyst; we must be network makers. I strongly believe in our next evolutionary step.”

In the meantime Salvador look forward to the 2018 trades’ calendar. Daltons Wadkin will be exhibiting the latest line of Salvador croscutting machines at this years W Exhibition in Birmingham. Alex Dalton comments, “We have taken our biggest stand yet at this years W Exhibition at the NEC to help showcase our range of high technology woodworking machinery, including Salvador programmable crosscut saws and smaller Salvamac semi-automatic machines. Our team is already getting excited about the prospects and opportunities to meet new and existing customers.”

The two major international events of the year, in which Salvador intends to invest more, are Xylexpo (8th -12th May), the trade show held in Milan, which has changed gear, transforming a difficult moment into an opportunity to review their role and target. “We’ve always believed in this appointment in Milan. This year we’ll have a large booth that will show four of our most successful machines: the “Superangle 600” with a drilling unit, our “flagship”, alongside a “Superpush 250” and a “Superpush 200”, in addition to a “Supercut 500,” declared Christian. “We will also be present in Nuremberg, in March, at the Holz-Handwerk trade, where we will show a “Superpush 200” equipped with loading and unloading system, a “Superangle” and a “Classic 50”, one of the solutions bearing the trademark of our Polish Salvamac”.

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