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  • Features
    • High speed, single piece cutting
    • Optimisation and defecting as standard
    • Automatic programmable crosscutting
    • Efficient and accurate production
    • Automatic material measurement
    • Intelligent clamping
    • High speed conveyor
    • Outfeed length selector
    • Intuitive graphical operator interface
    • Remote machine monitoring and assistance
  • Description

    Available in three sizes, the Salvador SuperCut 100/ 300/ 500 automatic programmable crosscut saws feature powerful optimisation software and defecting facility as standard. Rather than a pusher system for feeding single or stacked packs of timber as found on the Salvador SuperPush range, the SuperCut uses a conveyor fed system for feeding single pieces one at a time. With feed speeds up to 240 m/min the SuperCut is designed for high volume defecting and optimisation of standard or random timber lengths.


    The Salvador operator interface runs on a Windows PC operating system with keyboard and mouse interface. The 19” eye level screen is easy to understand with graphical representation of the machine functions, cutting lists and infeed material currently being processed.
    Cutting lists can be manually entered directly at the machine, or from an office based PC using a simple Excel spreadsheet macro uploaded using a USB drive or standard network connection.

    The powerful optimisation software can manage multiple cutting lists as once, including 5 quality grades with priority allocation and full control over all cutting parameters such as waste percentage, trim cuts etc.

    A high performance Numerical Control system manages the material scanning, cutting parameters and finished work piece selection to maximise throughput efficiency.

    The main control box for the machine is mounted independently to eliminate vibrations from the machine.

    Infeed system

    The infeed system comprises of a single heavy duty steel reinforced toothed belt to deliver material to the saw line at speeds up to 240 m/min. The belt is controlled through high powered servo drives with extreme acceleration and deceleration for maximum throughput. The infeed table is adjustable depending on the width of wood being processed.

    A group of photo cells read the material length and look for luminescent defect markings. This information is continually fed back to the computer for intelligent, high speed optimisation of the cutting lists – all this happens in real time within 0.001 second.

    Lengths are secured while being fed through the machine by a group of 12 large diameter idle rollers providing constant top pressure. Two additional pneumatically controlled pressure rollers are positioned directly in front and behind the cutting line to cope with differences in timber thickness.

    Saw Unit

    The ultra-fast, high powered saw unit can be regulated from the software with an adjustable cutting time between 0.1 and 1 second. Depending on the model, blade diameters are between 500 and 550mm for cutting up to 100mm deep and 300mm wide.

    Outfeed system

    The intelligent out feed system features automatic length selection and ejection. A high speed conveyor carries the cut to length work pieces past a series of software controlled pneumatic ejectors that push each piece off to save the operator from having to sort them manually. Meanwhile, the waste offcuts are delivered to the end of the conveyor where they can be fed into a collection bin or other system for waste recycling.


    Options for inkjet printing directly onto the top or side of each cut to length work piece are available. Printing information is managed by the software.

  • Specification
    • Saw blade diameter 500/ 550 mm
    • Feed speeds 120/ 200/ 240 m/min
    • Max cutting height 60/ 70/ 75/ 100 mm
    • Max cutting width 200/ 230/ 300 mm
    • Power 3 phase
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  • Important information

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