Salvador SuperPush 150

Semi-Automatic Crosscut Saw

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  • Features
    • Programable cutting lists
    • Cutting list optimisation
    • Auto saw cycle
    • Large touch screen control
    • Compact footprint
    • Retracting front saw guard for ergonomic working
    • Servo driven stop system
    • High powered saw unit for clean crosscutting
    • Easy regulation of saw stroke speed to adapt to different materials
  • Description

    The Salvador SuperPush 150 is an evolution in crosscutting, combining the compact form factor of a manual machine with the programmable power of an automatic optimising crosscut saw. With competitive pricing and customisable specifications, now anyone carrying out crosscutting operations can take advantage of reduced labour costs, reduced waste, increased productivity, and increased accuracy.

    Simple – operators can be trained in minutes. No keyboard, no mouse. Operation is intuitive using the large 15.6” touch screen display and dedicated saw cycle buttons. Cutting lists can be quickly programmed at the machine or imported from an office spreadsheet.

    Compact – thanks to the automatic retracting front protection guard, the machine can be front loaded across the saw-line without having to fit the entire length of the workpiece on the infeed table.

    Flexible – operate the machine in one of three modes; push, stop or optimisation. Push for working with repeat sizes or standard cutting list, stop for ad-hoc fixed lengths and optimisation for minimising waste from cutting lists.

    Safe – two handed operation in conjunction with the automatic retracting saw guard ensures operators hand are kept away from the saw line while the top pressure extraction guard clamps the workpiece during the cut.

    Accurate – the stop system is powered by a digital servo motor driving a steel reinforced toothed belt. The stop is continually monitored with real time feedback, if a heavy workpiece knocks the stop during loading it automatically corrects itself ensuring precision cutting every time.

    The Salvador SuperPush 150 can be configured with a 3100/ 4100/ 5100/ 6100 mm infeed table and 1000/ 2000/ 3000/ 4000/ 5000/ 6000 mm outfeed table. Further options include increased cutting section with a 500 mm blade, label printer for piece identification and bar code scanner for quick recall of cutting lists.

  • Specification
    • Blade diameter, max. 400/ 500/ 550 mm
    • Cutting depth, max. 80/ 125/ 150 mm
    • Cutting width, max. 250/ 280/ 310 mm
    • Pusher speed 30 m/min
    • Motor 3/ 5.5 kW
    • Power 3 phase
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