Salvador SuperPush 200

Automatic Crosscut Saw

  • Automatic programmable crosscutting
  • Optimisation and defecting as standard
  • Efficient and accurate production

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  • Overview


    The Salvador SuperPush 200 is a fully automatic programmable crosscut saw featuring powerful optimisation software and defecting facility as standard. Compared to traditional crosscutting methods a Salvador SuperPush can increase yield by 15% or more, reduce labour by over 50%, reduce operator skill levels and increase productivity while providing a 100% safe working operation.

    Salvador program control

    The Salvador operator interface runs on a Windows PC operating system with keyboard and mouse interface. The 19” eye level screen is easy to understand with graphical representation of the machine functions, cutting lists and infeed material currently being processed.

    Cutting lists can be manually entered directly at the machine, or from an office based PC using a simple Excel spreadsheet macro uploaded using a USB drive or standard network connection.

    The powerful optimisation software can manage multiple cutting lists as once, including 5 quality grades with priority allocation and full control over all cutting parameters such as waste percentage, trim cuts etc.

    A high performance Numerical Control system manages the material scanning, cutting parameters and finished work piece selection to maximise throughput efficiency.

    The main control box for the machine is mounted independently to eliminate vibrations from the machine.


    Infeed Table and Pusher

    Salvador Pusher

    The heavy duty infeed table is inclined 30° to ensure the working material is continually squared against the rear fence. Once material is loaded the pusher arm scans the work piece reading its overall length and looking for any luminescent defecting marks. The optical scanning system is fixed and does not require any adjustment for varying timber thickness.

    The pusher speed can be regulated within each cutting list reaching a maximum speed of 60 m/min as standard or 120 m/min as an option.

    The pusher assembly runs on twin external rectified guides requiring minimal maintenance. A high powered brushless servo motor connected to a steel core toothed belt drives the pusher arm with an accuracy of +/- 1mm or +/- 0.1mm as an option.

    For increased productivity a gravity pre-load system can be fitted. Using the 30° table inclination extension supports allows multiple work pieces to be stacked for feeding one after the other without operator intervention.

    Saw Unit

    Also inclined 30°, the entire saw unit and pusher infeed are one single piece ensuring total accuracy with minimal installation time. The saw cycle can be regulated from 0.1 to 2 seconds depending on the thickness and type of material being cut. The work piece is secured from above by an intelligent electro-pneumatic clamp that adjusts the down stroke to the thickness of material being cut. Additional optional side and top clamping systems can be configured to suit pack cutting etc.


    Outfeed Table

    Salvador waste trap door

    The standard 3000mm outfeed table and fence is also inclined 30°. For increased productivity optional outfeed systems are available including automatic length selectors for sorting finished pieces, waste trap door for offcut removal and extended collection area with tilt return ejector.

    Label Printing

    Printing options include simple adhesive label creation at the outfeed station, or inkjet printing directly onto the finished work piece.


  • Features
    • Automatic programmable crosscutting
    • Optimisation and defecting as standard
    • Efficient and accurate production
    • Automatic material measurement
    • Intelligent clamping
    • High speed pusher
    • Intuitive graphical operator interface
    • Remote machine monitoring and assistance
  • Specification
    • Blade diameter, max. 550 mm
    • Cutting depth, max. 150 mm (240 mm wide)
    • Cutting width, max. 300 mm (110 mm deep)
    • Cutting capacity, min. 30 x 15 mm
    • Working length capacity, max. Varies with model
    • Working length capacity, min. 500 mm
    • Pusher weight capacity 110 kg
    • Pusher speed, max. Varies with model
    • Adjustable cutting time 0.1 - 2 sec
    • Extraction outlet(s) 1 x 120 mm, 1 x 100 mm
    • Compressed air 6 - 8 bar
    • Motor 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
    • Power 3 phase
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  • Important information

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