Demand for Kimla CNC Machines Increasing Daily

A look at what sets these European manufacturers apart

The great thinker Plato (or possibly someone even before him) stated ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. The phrase is as true today as it was then. When Przemyslaw Kimla (another great thinker) started building computer numerical control (CNC) systems from scratch some fifteen years ago he too quickly became the victim of necessity.

So advanced were his ideas, so radical his thinking, that the manufacturers for whom he was developing could not match the invention. Przemyslaw, unimpressed with the array of CNC Router equipment available, soon realised in order to fully exploit his pioneering electronic ambition, a suitable machine design would need to be developed.

Fifteen years on and Przemyslaw Kimla is collecting the MTM Gold Medal for technological innovation, presented by the Polish Prime Minister at Poland’s largest industrial trade exhibition, ITM.

The Kimla range of CNC machinery now embraces all levels from desktop engravers to industrial cast iron milling machines, super high speed cutters with knife cutting systems, 5-axis machining centres, water jet machines and fibre lasers.

Although relatively unknown in the UK, Kimla machines are quickly establishing themselves as the industry standard throughout Europe and worldwide. Materials worked include wood based and composite panels, all types of plastics, cardboard, aluminium, foam, steel and cast iron.

Kimla products have provided hundreds of companies with a competitive edge in an extensive range of industries from sign making and point of sale, kitchen and packing case manufacture through to marble and granite worktop machining, and high precision aluminium component production for aerospace.

As Mr Kimla himself says, “We have gained our rich experience performing advanced projects for 15 years. We continue to produce machines with a much greater technical advancement, exceptional performance and speed using all the very latest in technological possibilities. Our machines are the result of our long experience and innovative designs. Today, being considered a leader in the industry, having installed more than 1000 machines worldwide, we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions. Kimla machines achieve industry-leading performance at prices which are significantly lower than the competition. We are improving our machines by ceaselessly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

The majority of the components found on Kimla machines are manufactured in-house which guarantees their efficiency and quality at the highest level. At the heart of all Kimla machines is the unique CNC system, developed by Przemyslaw Kimla himself, with dynamic vector analysis (DVA). The DVA achieves extremely high performance processing thanks to the ability to process over 15000 lines of G-code per second allowing the machine to continually regulate the optimum feed rate resulting in higher machining speeds while still maintaining an excellent finish. The latest Fibre Laser machines achieve speeds up to 5 m/second, with acceleration upwards of 3g.

For many traditional applications the working speed is limited by the tooling technology and material being processed. However, even with these processes the advantage of Kimla machines increases the more complicated tool path is.

Daltons Wadkin Director Alex Dalton has met with Mr Kimla on a number of occasions and at the outset of negotiations visited their works in Poland where he was very impressed with what he saw. “The Kimla set up is unbelievably professional and quality driven” said Alex. “I saw a real opportunity for Daltons Wadkin to work with a manufacturer with similar ethics to their own with a range of equipment which for price and build quality is unbeatable.”


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