Salvador Success Story in the UK and Ireland

The woodworking industry in the UK and Ireland has witnessed a remarkable transformation, thanks in large part to the synergy between Daltons Wadkin and Salvador, an Italian specialist in crosscut manufacturing. This partnership has set new standards in the woodworking machinery market, combining Daltons Wadkin’s leading customer service with Salvador’s technological prowess.

Daltons Wadkin, as the exclusive agents for Salvador in the UK and Ireland, has seen a surge in sales with the SuperUp model leading the charge; a paragon of innovation and efficiency that has captivated the woodworking community.

The SuperUp semi-automatic crosscut saw is a masterpiece of design and functionality. It features a safe two-handed operator control system, ensuring maximum safety without sacrificing operational efficiency. The robust frame design and easy accessibility for maintenance and blade changing are testaments to its user-friendly nature. These features have made the SuperUp not just a tool, but a trusted companion for any industry involved in crosscutting timber.

In a move that showcases Salvador’s commitment to continuous improvement, the new SuperUp model now boasts an optional automatic retracting front protection guard. This feature is a game-changer for operators, allowing them to front load materials across the saw-line with ease. This innovation is particularly beneficial for smaller workshops, as it enables the machine to be fitted with shorter infeed/outfeed tables without compromising on capacity.

The pneumatic controls for saw stroke regulation, strategically located above the machine bed, simplify adjustments for different material types and thicknesses. This enhancement, along with the machine’s increased strength, allows for larger blade sizes – up to 550 mm, and even 600 mm in the SuperUp 600 model. This demonstrates Salvador’s dedication to meeting diverse woodworking needs.

For those seeking heightened productivity, the SuperPush 150 offers a fully programmable optimizing stop system, adding another layer of efficiency to the woodworking process. The SuperUp 600, meanwhile, stands out as the largest of Salvador’s semi-automatic crosscut saws, featuring the same heavy-duty construction and a unique pendulum motion for fast, efficient, and safe crosscutting.

Daltons Wadkin has not only excelled in distributing Salvador’s innovative products but also in providing exceptional aftersales support. This commitment to customer service has enabled them to gain further market share and establish themselves as a leader in the woodworking machinery sector.

The partnership between Daltons Wadkin and Salvador epitomizes how innovation, customer-centric design, and strategic market positioning can lead to unprecedented success. The record sales of Salvador crosscut saws in the UK and Ireland, driven by Daltons Wadkin’s expertise, are not just commercial triumphs but also beacons of technological advancement in the woodworking industry.

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