Clive Christian opts for Stenner

A new Stenner ST100R Band Resaw has been installed at the Bolton factory of Clive Christian Furniture Ltd in order to speed up and improve the quality of its sawn timber production. The Band Resaw which included a laser siting system, touchscreen controls, infinitely variable feed system and importantly a pitless design was supplied, installed and commissioned by Daltons Wadkin and is now in full production.

Clive Christian Furniture was founded in 1978, one of their first designs being a Victorian kitchen. Since then the company has expanded and is successful in supplying top quality and often bespoke furniture designs worldwide. Indeed so successful have they become that Mr Christian was awarded the OBE in 2012 for services to the luxury goods industry.

Factory Manager Steve Dale of Clive Christian was delighted with the purchase. He said, “This is just the machine we need here. It is fast, accurate, operator friendly and cuts down on timber wastage. The engineers from Daltons Wadkin completed the delivery and installation effectively and we already wonder how we managed without one before.”

Daltons Wadkin Sales Director Andy Walsh was also delighted with the outcome of negotiations. He said, “Allan Hart, Production Director at Clive Christian, knew exactly what was required for their operation and we were fortunate in being able to supply it. Stenner machines are unsurpassed when it comes to fast and accurate sawing and the pitless design makes them very easy to install.”


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