Packing and Case Manufacturer Meet Production Demands with Salvador

Salvador automatic crosscut

Daltons Wadkin install automatic crosscut saw at LV Valenbeck

With over 30 years’ experience in the packing industry LV Valenbeck boast a wealth of expertise and design excellence. Following expansion of the business into renewables, energy and automotive sectors, LV Valenbeck needed an automatic, programmable crosscutting machine capable of handling the added workload, as well as cater to their bespoke requirements. Daltons Wadkin were on hand to demonstrate the Salvador SuperPush 200 automatic crosscut saw, which quickly proved to be the full package.

Salvador automatic crosscut

Thinking outside the box from inception to production to distribution, it is clear that LV Valenbeck have got their three-stage process perfected. Designers and consultants work closely with clients in order to deliver the best packaging and freight service. Often working to very short lead times, efficiency across the business is key. Recent growth demanded a new crosscutting solution which could meet their specific requirements.

Previous to the automatic crosscut being installed in May 2019, Glenn Pattison, General Manager at LV Valenbeck, gives insight into the machinery that had previously been operating, “we had some old hand operated crosscuts which were very good for short runs, but moving onto more regular and larger volume cuts we saw the need for an automated crosscut to reduce out labour times on all the jobs ”.

The Salvador SuperPush 200 is a fully automatic programmable crosscut saw. Daltons Wadkin carefully took into consideration the requirements of LV Valenbeck, following a number of site visits and discussions with Glen Pattison and the team. Andy Walsh, Daltons Wadkin Sales Director, explained that increasing speed and ensuring accuracy was paramount, and the Salvador crosscut would be a perfect fit for such a rapidly expanding business looking to develop a smarter machining workflow. Features of the SuperPush 200 include, optimisation and defecting, automatic material measurement, remote machine monitoring and assistance as standard.

After just three months of having the crosscut installed, Glen proudly reports a significant increase in productivity on the factory floor, “We have already seen significant savings… we’ve reduced our overall cutting time by two thirds and reduced waste”.

salvador automatic crosscutAutomated machinery can bring with it causes for concern regarding operator adjustment, however Salvador have developed a system which is simple to use and intuitive – one of the reasons LV Valenbeck decided the SuperPush 200 had the edge over other equipment. Glen enthuses, “the operators have found adjusting from the old-style saw to the Salvador very easy. Inputting information both at the machine or remotely from our office is very intuitive and largely based around the format we used before, which is an excel based system”.

The Salvador SuperPush 200 has enriched the entire production process for LV Valenbeck, but what about the future for the business? Glen revealed they are already planning on a second Salvador to meet the demands of new contracts. Glen concludes, “I would definitely recommend the Salvador crosscut from Daltons Wadkin. The information we received was clear and concise. The installation team worked extremely well, particularly on-site, the team did an excellent great job and continue to provide us with support whenever needed”.

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