Two Kimlas for Riverside Medical Send the Competitors Packing

kimla cnc router riverside medical

Research and development has been at the forefront of Riverside Medical’s cutting-edge work since 1978. Initially specialising in bespoke medical packaging, the company has grown, and they now have another facility called Shawpak – specialising in the design and engineering of medical machinery. Now proud owners of two Kimla CNC routers, we spoke with Alan Wade, Works & Engineering Director, about the company’s growth, and how the CNC routers have become “an integral part of the business”.

kimla cnc router“We’ve had to think outside the box and have a look globally at what machines are out there to support the growth of the business” – Alan Wade

Expansion into machinery concept design and manufacture has resulted in rapid growth for Riverside Medical, with the creation of Shawpak. Having just opened a new sales office in America, Alan explained that, “what has helped us get to this point, and will help us to continue to grow the business, is the investment in machinery”. Initially looking for a robust machine to process dibond panels for the interior of their new Shawpak facility, Alan and the team researched several UK and European CNC suppliers.

“It’s not about the cost of the machine, it’s about the heritage, longevity, and availability. Hence, it’s not buying cheap, it’s buying what’s right, and the cost is secondary” – Alan Wade

One of the machines they researched was the Kimla CNC router from Daltons Wadkin. The multi-purpose capabilities of the Kimla BPF CNC router make it suitable for almost any business working with wood, MDF, Plywood, aluminium and composites, cardboard, and plastics – to name a few. After a few months of processing dibond and aluminium panels, Alan explained that the Kimla CNC had ‘exceeded expectations’ as they realised the capabilities of the machine. This resulted in the purchase of a second Kimla CNC router in 2020, with an array of optional extras to ensure efficient production and operation.

kimla cnc routers“Over a few months we began to realize there’s a lot more we can do on the Kimla CNC routers. It has become integral to the business and the production of the Shawpak machines” – Alan Wade

Now with two Kimla CNC routers installed, Shawpak can produce both prototypes and finished medical machinery for market. Alan explains that all Shawpak machines are made up of separate aluminium plates which are then bolted together. With the Kimla software, operators can nest together all the parts onto sheets of aluminium, sometimes up to 40mm thick. “We have the templates for all the parts available to then nest together in various shapes and sizes, so we’re ahead of the game. The software that came with the Kimla is very easy to use”. Daltons Wadkin give certificated CNC training to operators as standard with Kimla CNC installations.

“One of the reasons we chose Daltons Wadkin was the locality, backup and support, and them being a well-established business in the marketplace” – Alan Wade

Daltons Wadkin provide backup and support for the lifetime of the Kimla CNC, as well as remote assistance. Going forward with Shawpack, Alan estimates 30% of their sales will be in the American market, and they have exciting new and existing partnerships with various innovators in the medical industry. “The Kimla machines will play a big part in the growth of the business, with the flexibility and capacity that it gives us”. When asked if Alan would recommend a Kimla CNC he enthused, “we would recommend a Kimla due to the build quality, flexibility, and the fact that as a business you’re local to us in regards to any issues and problems – which there is none”. We look forward to continuing to work with both Riverside Medical and Shawpak as they enter the global market with the strength of two Kimla CNC routers with them.

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