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  • Features
    • Single and twin head options
    • Automatic powered table positioning
    • Ammeters for each sanding unit
    • Rubberised pressure rollers
    • Digital display for sanding thickness
    • Automatic work piece thickness sensor
    • Automatic feed belt and sanding belt tracking
  • Description

    The Wadkin Series 3 range of wide belt sanders have been developed as an entry level solution for customers demanding robust and reliable equipment with simple operation and proven performance. Available in widths 650 mm, 950 mm and 1100 mm and any combination of up to 2 sanding heads (roller and pad, roller etc) the Series 3 offers fantastic value and outstanding build quality with a compact footprint whether you are sanding solid wood or panel products.

    Powered table adjustment allows the operator to accurately set the sanding thickness using an electronic digital scale. An automatic work piece thickness sensor is also included as standard, especially useful when handling larger components, the operator need only place the material against the sensor and the machine adjusts the working height of the sanding heads to suit.

    The most common head configuration for a wide belt sander is the combination ‘C’ type, incorporating a calibrating roller and fine finishing pad in a single belt. The roller can be engaged alone when calibration only is required, just the pad for finishing, or both at the same time for a combination of calibrating and finishing in one pass.

    When calibration only is required a single roller ‘R’ type head is available.

    For finishing to two grit sizes in one pass twin belt options are available, normally consisting of a single roller ‘R’ belt followed by a combination belt.

    Changing the abrasive belt is and simple using a quick release mechanism taking just a few seconds to complete. The belt is pneumatically strained to optimum working tension following a belt change.

    Further optional equipment is available including timed pad decent, pneumatic pad for veneer work, infinitely variable conveyor speed, a choice of roller hardness (including steel roller) and additional infeed/ outfeed support rollers.

  • Specification
    • Head combination Single or twin
    • Working width 650/ 950/ 1100 mm
    • Working thickness 3 - 160 mm
    • Contact roller diameter 160 mm
    • Sanding belt length 1900 mm
    • Sanding belt speed 18 m/min
    • Feed belt speed(s) 4.5 & 9 m/min
    • Motor Varies with model
    • Power 3 phase
  • Important information

    Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and improvement, specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. We can accept no liability for discrepancies in specifications or illustrations contained in our publications or the publications of our suppliers.

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