We are Cyber Essentials certified: what does it mean for us and our customers?

We’re proud to say that in December 2022, Daltons Wadkin became Cyber Essentials Certified after undergoing a rigorous audit.

The growing cyber security threat is something we’re acutely aware of and this accreditation, achieved thanks in part to the support of our IT partners, Central Technology, meant our business began 2023 not only ensuring we are aware of and are adhering to the best online security practices but can also filter that down to our customers.

In this latest blog, we delve into why the Cyber Essentials Certificate is becoming more important, what process we went through to achieve it, and share some top tips we have learned along the way…

What is the Cyber Essentials Certificate and why is it important?

The Cyber Essentials Certificate is a Government-backed scheme to help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats, providing assurance of basic technical security controls and offering guidance on how to secure IT systems against the most common cyber threats.

This is an issue that is becoming prevalent. A survey completed in November 2021 shows more than 80% of UK businesses experienced a form of cyber attack in the past 12 months – an increase compared to the previous annual findings.

As a leading supplier of high-tech industrial machinery for many years, there were a few reasons why this was important for us:

  • The growing cyber security threat – in line with the above statistic, most people now should be familiar with cyber-attacks because of how long they have been happening and how sophisticated they are becoming.
  • It’s becoming increasingly more desired among customers – during 2022, we noticed more tenders asking about IT safeguards and in particular Cyber Essentials Certification, not necessarily as a requirement but as something that is desired. Businesses are wanting to make sure that when they’re taking on a new technology partner, for the supply of CNC machines for example, they’re entering into a partnership with a company that is committed to following the best IT practices.
  • More than anything, pursuing the Cyber Essentials Certificate makes sound business sense.  It is good housekeeping and implementing the structure helps businesses, like ours, tick all the boxes and keep on top of things that are not necessarily our bread and butter.

When it comes to the day job, it is all too easy to neglect threats, like those posed online, until it is too late.

How we achieved our Cyber Essentials Certificate

The first thing worth pointing out is that the Cyber Essentials Certificate has to be re-audited every year.

This is our first year and so we had a full internal audit of our IT structure, assisted by  Central Technology, which highlighted the issues that needed to be addressed.

Once we checked off all of the recommendations, we applied for the Cyber Essentials Certificate and are pleased to say that we passed the requirements on our first attempt as a result of that audit.

In doing so, Daltons Wadkin has become more shored up when it comes to cyber security attacks. While there are many layers to it, it has led to us implementing two-factor authentication, locking our WiFi networks down, and compiling a register of all our devices, accounting for how old they all are, who has a particular piece of equipment and what operating system it uses. 

These are basic steps that allow us to make sure the IT systems we work on are as secure as possible.

How the Cyber Essentials Certificate helps our customers

If we’re secure then we’re best placed to make sure our customers are as well. 

The machines we’re installing are often PC controlled. At the heart of them is often a Windows operating system – albeit an industrial-embedded version. 

Often, our technical team are logging into these machines remotely to support customers out in the field to see what issues there are before a fix is deployed or an engineer is sent out.

Because we’re accessing remotely, that has the potential to expose not only our network but our customers as well. For that reason, due diligence is required to make sure we’re not only protecting ourselves but our customers.

The top cyber security tips we learned as a result of this process

The most basic form is password security, not necessarily changing it frequently because that can often cause more user problems than anything. 

Two-factor authentication for all key passwords and platforms is also essential, more so now from an insurance perspective because of the cyber insurance we offer. 

Some of that criteria include having things like two-factor authentication in place. Regular maintenance and updating of the operating system are required, whether it is for a tablet or a computer, as new security patches are regularly added to Apps and software. 

Can we help your business in 2023?

The Cyber Essentials certificate reaffirms our commitment to delivering the best service possible for our customers, far beyond the initial sale of a machine.

Do you think we help your business? If so, call our team on 0115 986 5201 for friendly expert advice or reach out to us by using our contact form. Alternatively, come and see them in action for yourself, with a huge range available at our Nottingham-based showroom.