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  • Features
    • 7 vertical/ 4 horizontal spindles
    • Sawblade for grooving along “X” axis
    • Vertical drilling on the panel surface
    • Horizontal drilling on all 4 sides of panel
    • Intelligent panel clamp
    • CNC control with optional Maestro software
  • Description

    The New SCM Startech CN V is a universal numerically controlled drilling and grooving machine. Space saving in design, the machine operates on panels posited vertically. Thanks to the 7 independent vertical spindles, the 4 horizontal spindles (1 +1 X and 1 + 1 Y) and the blade in the X axis, elements of finished furniture can be produced without having to reposition the bits and with no operator’s intervention for the work table set up and machine when varying dimensions and panels.

    Operation is simple with the 10” control with touch-screen function and the option to import drilling programs from SCM Maestro software.

    F11L drilling head
    • no. 7 independent vertical spindles
    • attachment for bits: 10 mm diameter
    • centre to centre distance between spindles: 32 mm
    • no. 4 horizontal drilling heads, 1 +1 along X (10mm attachment for bits), 1 + 1 in Y (10mm attachment for bits)
    • rotation speed: 4.460 rpm
    • no. 1 integrated blade along X axis ( 125 mm max. diameter
    • blade rotation speed: 5.700 rpm
    • 2,2 kW motor power
    • horizontal pneumatic drilling stroke along X axis: 45 mm
  • Specification
    • Max. panel dimensions X-Y-Z 3000 x 900 x 50 mm
    • Min. panel dimensions X-Y-Z 300 x 90 x 10 mm
    • Max speed X-Y axes 20 m/min
    • Blade diameter 125 mm
    • Blade thickness 6 mm
    • Motor power 2.2 kW
    • Spindles rotating speed 4460 rpm
    • Blade rotation speed 5700 rpm
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  • Important information

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