SCM Minimax SC 2C

Sliding Table Panel Saw

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  • Features

    • Adjustable scoring unit
    • 270 mm wide sliding table
  • Description

    The precise, cost-effective and compact circular saw with tilting blade, for D.I.Y. woodworkers and small joiners.
    A great step up from the standard American-style cabinet saw. Compact chassis, powerful 3.4hp motor, and 5.5′ sliding table. Will crosscut a standard 4×8 sheet on the slider or rip it lengthwise, using the rip fence to the right of the blade. Customers have put mobility kits on these and used them as jobsite machines. A proven performer.

    • Incredible cutting of both very thick solid wood and panels, even those veneered, thanks to the new saw unit with a blade that has a maximum diameter of 315 mm with the scoring blade fitted.
    • New scoring unit that can easily be adjusted from outside the machine, supplied on request.
    • Easier, more precise cutting: a perfectly stable support is guaranteed, even for large workpieces, by the 270 mm wide sliding table with sliding system through steel spheres on hardened and calibrated steel guide ways.
    • Perfect parallel cuts thanks to the anodised aluminium parallel fence with support, quick locking device and micrometric adjustment.

    Our NEW entry level sliding table saw, the Minimax sc 2c is a proven design based on years of experience. It is perfect for customers upgrading to their first slider from an American table saw. The footprint is small, but the capacity is large. This slider, like all of our sliders, is standard with scoring, and can accommodate a 12” blade. The 5.5’ crosscut capacity is ideal for processing panels.

    Incredible cutting of both very thick solid wood and panels, even those veneered, thanks to the new saw unit with a blade that has a maximum diameter of 315 mm that grants a 100 mm cutting height with the scoring blade installed. The new scoring unit can be supplied on request and can easily be adjusted from outside the machine. Easier and more precise cutting is possible due to a perfectly stable support that is guaranteed, even for large work pieces, bu the wide sliding  table and the large squaring frame fence provided as standard. Top quality precision, smooth and silent action, self-cleaning dust proof system, long lasting accuracy, no adjustment required. The table is made of extruded anodised aluminium with a closed honeycomb structure. The sliding table runs on an exclusive slide way system consisting of calibrated and hardened F550 SX steel guides.
  • Specification

    • Max. sawblade diameter 315 mm
    • Sawblade arbor size 16 mm
    • Max. sawblade projection from table at 90°/45° 100/ 78 mm
    • Cutting width on parallel fence (Rip capacity) 1270 mm
    • Max. squaring stroke of sliding table saw 1660 mm
    • Single-phase motor 3.4 Hp
  • Disclaimer

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