• Up to 3 mm coiled edging
  • Up to 5 mm solid edging
  • Rapid machine setup

The SCM K 100 EVO edgebander is a single sided automatic machine for hot-melt adhesive application of on all four sides of straight panels. Drawing upon technical ...

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Product Information

  • Features
    • Up to 3 mm coiled edging
    • Up to 5 mm solid edging
    • Rapid machine setup
    • Pre-milling
    • Corner rounding
    • Intuitive “Orion One” electronic control
    • Full safety enclosure
    • Choice of finishing units
  • Description

    The SCM K 100 EVO edgebander is a single sided automatic machine for hot-melt adhesive application of on all four sides of straight panels. Drawing upon technical features and developments from higher range models the K 100 EVO brings outstanding panel performance to a wider customer base. The perfect edge bander for small woodworking and panel processing companies, with an extensive range of features included as standard, combined with the machines general ease of use. 

    • Orion One control system featuring: 
    • alphanumerical display with 4 lines and 20 characters 
    • selection of working language 
    • keyboard with “soft touch” pushbuttons and led light, for the selection of the different operating groups and machine functions 
    • complete control of the machine automation by means of the Plc function 
    • control/set up of the glue pot temperature 
    • simple and controlled diagnostics to o btain a quick solution to any misfunctions 
    • partial and absolute process statistical data: number of processed pieces and edges, machine start times, track feeding 
    • Base – made of bended and welded steel plates to ensure a high rigidity structure. The base includes openings with shoots for the removal of shavings to the floor that are not collected by the dust extraction, facilitating the machine cleaning. 
    • Top steel presser – complete with two rows of rubber coated wheels mounted on bearings. Manual adjustment of presser at machine infeed with positioning numerical readout 
    • Top operating groups – fixed to the presser or mechanically connected on to it to allow the automatic positioning according to the panel thickness. Lower groups fixed to the base, under the= belt, for a precise reference with respect to the panel. All frequency motors equipped with static inverter. 
    • Safety enclosure- on the entire length of the machine with polycarbonate windows for the groups visualisation during machining. 
    • Exhaust outlets – for the operating groups positioned on the top side of the safety enclosure. 
    • Mobile control panel – at machine infeed (panel sliding side) for an easy use from the operator’s working position 
    • Electrical cabinet – positioned inside the base with door that allow an easy access in case of any maintenance operations. The cabinet is in conformity with the current safety regulations. 
    • Panel feed track – with pads coated with high friction rubber and industrial 3/4” link chain. The 
    • pads slide on two guideways, one round and one flat, to ensure straightness of movement and resistance to side loads. Manual pads lubrication. 
    • Panel support rollers – positioned parallel to the belt. It can be extended on the entire length of the machine. It has been made with telescopic opening system and panel sliding plastic wheels with steel pivot pins. 


    Basic machine units

    “RT-M” pre-milling unit 

    • It trims the panel edge obtaining a perfect uniform surface for the glue application and a perfect 
    • jointing line with the edge. 
    • two tools with alternated work process in order to avoid damaging of the panel in the head or tail 
    • exhaust hoods 
    • timed air blower for the cleaning of the machined panel surface 
    • panel edge trimming with a variable removal. It is carried out by applying magnetic blades with 
    • different thickness on the infeed fence. Possible removal: 0,5 1 1,5 2 mm 
    • height adjustment of the tools to vary the cutters working point 
    • complete with diamond cutters (H=56 D=80mm Z=2+2) 


    Gluing unit 

    • It carries out the automatic gluing with hot melt glue of edges in rolls and strips on straight panels 
    • independent motor power for a continuous recirculation and recovery of the glue 
    • anti adherent treatment to facilitate the glue replacement operations 
    • glue spreading roller with particular graining for a homogeneous and optimised spreading 
    • digital thermostat to control the glue temperature 
    • automatic lowering of the temperature after a temporary non use of the machine 
    • adjustment of the glue to be applied 
    • Edge loading; 
    • feed roller for the automatic edge loading when panel is approaching 
    • shear device for the automatic cutting of the rolled edge 
    • coil holder plate 
    • Edge pressure rollers; 
    • 2 idle pressure rollers with counterposed conicity to guarantee an optimised pressure on the 
    • lower and upper edge side 
    • mechanical pressure rollers adjustment 
    • knob adjustment and numerical readout for the positioning according to the edge thickness 


    “K-1” single-motor end cutting unit 

    • It carries out the cutting of the front and rear exceeding edge: 
    • 1 high frequency motor with through spindle 
    • group sliding without mechanical plays made of round bars in hardened and ground steel 
    • 2 independent copying de vices for an accurate positioning of the 2 blades in relation to the cutting point 
    • complete with cutters 


    “R-M” trimming unit 

    • It carries out the trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge 
    • 2 high frequency motors 
    • copying rotating discs for an accurate positioning of tools with with reference to the working 
    • point: the vertical rotating discs with a single disc and the frontal discs with 3 rotating contact points 
    • exhaust hoods 
    • knobs and numerical readouts for the positioning 
    • manual exclusion of the unit 
    • complete with combi cutters (R=2) to machine 3 different types of edge : thin, with radius and 
    • solid wood edge 


    Optional units

    The machine includes the free space for the installation of the following optional units: 

    • Edge scraping or glue scraping unit 
    • Glue scraping or brushing unit 
    • Spindle moulder or brushing unit 


    “RAS-M” edge scraping unit 

    • New edge scraping unit with numerical readout for the positioning. It eliminates the presence of notches left from the tools on the plastic edges during the trimming 
    • copying devices (vertical and frontal rotating discs) for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the working point 
    • manual exclusion of the unit 
    • knobs with nonius for the positioning 
    • shavings conveyor to the external of the safety enclosure through openings with shoots made on the machine base 
    • complete with cutters (R=2) 


    “RC-M” glue scraping unit 

    New glue scraping unit with rotating copying device. It eliminates any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge, improving the panel cleaning. 

    The unit includes: 

    • vertical copying pad 
    • throwaway knives 
    • air blowers for the knives cleaning 
    • manual exclusion of the unit 


    “SP-M” brushing unit 

    • With two independent motors (0,14 kW 2.800 rpm) for the cleaning/polishing of the edge. 
    • Motor power: 0,14 kW 
    • Rotation speed: 2800 rpm 


    “T-M” spindle grooving unit 

    It can carry out through grooves on the upper panel side 

    • manual exclusion of the unit 
    • knobs and numerical readouts for the vertical and horizontal adjustment of the blade position 
    • exhaust hood, 60 mm diameter 
    • complete with blade of the groove execution 

    Technical data: 

    • motor power 1,1 kW 
    • tool rotation speed 12.000 rpm 
    • groove width 4 mm 
    • groove depth 1 ÷ 8 mm 
    • distance of the groove from panel edge 0 ÷ 20 mm 
    • minimum panel thick ness 12 mm 
    • blade D=100 mm Z4 

    (Note: Not available for machines with single phase version) 

  • Specification
    • Edging thickness, min. - max. 0.4 - 3 mm
    • Sold edging thickness, max. 0.4 - 3 (5) mm
    • Panel thickness, min. - max. 8 - 50 mm
    • Panel length, min. 160 mm
    • Panel width, min. (roll edge) 160 mm
    • Panel width, min. (solid edge) 180 mm
    • Feed speed 7 m/min
    • Glue pot capacity 0.8 kg
    • Work table height 900 mm
    • Extraction outlet(s) Information available on request
    • Compressed air 6.5 - 8 bar
    • Power 3 phase
  • Literature
  • Important information

    Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and improvement, specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. We can accept no liability for discrepancies in specifications or illustrations contained in our publications or the publications of our suppliers.

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