Maggi System 323 DIGIT

Borer (Triple Head)

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  • Features

    • Semi automatic boring machine
    • Low to medium production volume
    • Quick, easy and precise set up
    • Two vertical heads, one horizontal head
    • Quick change chucks
    • Cast iron boring heads
    • Electronic read out display with micromectric adjustment of vertical positioning
    • Patented Spiral System in the horizontal head for quick setting of boring depth
    • Digital counter for adjustment of vertical drilling depth
    • Electronic drive to select working head and cycle
    • Fence with 4 pneumatic stops (two with digital readouts)
  • Description

    The Maggi Boring System 323 DIGIT is designed for low to medium production featuring 3 boring heads (two vertical, one horizontal) with 23 spindles per head. The machine is quick, precise and easy to set up.

    VERTICAL BORING UNITS – The vertical boring units slide on rolling guides for a prompt and easy positioning, and the pneumatic or manual braking system ensure an effective and steady breaking. The digital read-out and the micrometric adjustment system guarantee the highest accuracy in the positioning. The working plane and the boring head, being well integrated to build up a single unit, can be positioned simultaneously, thus also avoiding the risk of collision and of drills breaking. Boring depth can be quickly and easily adjusted by means of a digital counter and the right boring-depth value, according to the drills length, immediately find out thanks to a reference table on the machine, without need for calculations.

    CAST IRON BORING HEADS – 23 SPINDLES – Highest accuracy, sturdiness and longevity, noise is minimized. Vertical boring-head units can be turned 90° in order to execute both central and side holes during the same working cycle.

    REFERENCE FENCE ON BORING SYSTEM 323 DIGIT – The aluminium fence (3000 mm x 120 mm) is equipped with n.4 reference stops that slide on rolling guides for a smooth and quick positioning, and can be easily adjusted thanks to a  micrometric system. N.2 stops equipped with digital read-out for quick and accurate execution of holes for the matching of two panels. N.2 stops with adjustment on millimetric scale, thanks to a magnify glass and nonius.

    REFERENCE FENCE ON BORING SYSTEM 323 – The aluminium fence (3000 mm x 80 mm) is equipped with n. 4 pneumatic reference stops, easy to adjust thanks to magnify glass and nonius. The long fence is used as a reference during the execution of in line holes carried out y one, or both vertical boring-head units working at the same time.

    PATENTED TURNING SAFETY CLAMPS – The machine is equipped with n.2 turning clamps from 0° to 90°. Maggi safety clamps allow a prompt setting, guarantee a perfect hold and the highest safety for the operator. The clamps get down on the panel just by a single knob-pulling and no further adjustment is required to start working. Once the operation is accomplished the clamps are automatically lifted up by 3 mm, thus allowing the quick substitution of the panels and preventing the operator’s hands from crushing.

    PATENTED SPIRAL SYSTEM – Device for boring depth adjustment, allowing an easy and quick set-up on a millimetric scale according to the different drill lengths. The highest accuracy of the Spyral System and its intuitive set-up method do not require any measurement nor calculation for the operator to do.

  • Specification

    • Number of vertical heads 2
    • Number of horizontal heads 1
    • Number of spindles per head 23 (11 left, 12 right)
    • Distance between spindles 32 mm
    • Distance between first and last spindle 704 mm
    • Maximum boring depth (vertical head) 65 mm
    • Maximum boring depth (horizontal head) 50 mm
    • Inside diameter of quick change bushes 10 mm
    • Maximum size size of workpiece 850 x 3000 mm
    • Height of table 900 mm
    • Number of clamps 2
    • Motor speed 2800 rpm
    • Working air pressure 6 - 8 bar
    • Overall dimensions 1790 mm (W) x 1000 mm (L) x 1350 mm (H)
    • Nett weigth 750 kg
    • Motor 3 x 1.5 kW
    • Power 3 phase
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