New! Vacuum CNC Clamping Blocks

vacuum cnc

Vacuum CNC clamping blocks offer you a series of advantages that will increase your production and aid your CNC operation

The main difference between Vacuum CNC and other brands is the intelligent design; the vacuum block is made in two pieces:

  • The Base: it is the inferior black part in contact with the milling centre. Check out our Vacuum CNC bases catalogue.
  • The Cup: the superior red part which holds the board or the piece to work out. Check out our Vacuum CNC cups catalogue.

Vacuum clamping blocks for every CNC machine, including SCM and Kimla. Vacuum CNC has been working throughout all these years in unifying all the clamping systems by vacuum for milling centres, from pod and rail machines to flat and grid tables. Moreover, for accidents of any degree, our suction cups provide faster, more economical and more efficient solutions.


  • Speed of positioning, 360º rotation and ease of exchange between suction cups of different sizes. This will save you a great amount of time, which will benefit your production.
  • The clamping of our vacuum cups is tested and is superior to the most representative brands on the market.
  • Daltons Wadkin provide comprehensive advice, after sales support and maintenance should you need it.

Daltons Wadkin

As the longest established machinery distributors in UK, Daltons Wadkin have a long history in supplying the finest machinery available.

Our own CNC trained engineers, sales and service team are on hand to answer any questions you may have with choosing or using your machine. You can be confident in receiving first lass support for this first class product.