MK Ply Upgrade with Elcon Wall Saw

Elcon Wall Saw at MK Ply Lining

MK Ply Lining, a Milton Keynes based specialist in bespoke vehicle storage systems of over 20 years have, for a second time, invested in a new Elcon wall saw from Daltons Wadkin.

From their production facility in Bletchley, MK Ply Lining manufacture and install a wide range of plywood van racking and storage solutions for the vehicle industry. Established in 1996, MK Ply lining’s precision, in-house manufacturing facility now boasts state of the art equipment including CNC routers, sanders, table saws, and now an Elcon 155DS wall saw.

David Ruck, Director of the company, had the pleasure of owning an Elcon vertical panel saw in the early stages of the business. However, after years of reliable production the machine was replaced with an alternative brand of wall saw. After using the replacement saw David Ruck quickly came to the conclusion that it just did not make the cut!

Operating Elcon wall saw at MK Ply Lining
Operating Elcon wall saw at MK Ply Lining

David comments, “We had very recently invested in our second CNC router just as it was time to replace our first Elcon wall saw. Hence the decision was made to purchase a less-expensive model to replace the Elcon as the second CNC router would help with the workload. Almost instantly, we all realised how much we missed the Elcon! The strong build quality and ease of use make Elcon stand out as our preferred brand of vertical panel saw”.

David Ruck contacted Daltons Wadkin Director, Alex Dalton to discuss part-exchanging the replacement vertical panel saw against a new Elcon 155DS.

Discussions with Alex Dalton swiftly resulted in the part-exchange of MK Ply Linings existing machine. A new Elcon 155DS wall saw complete with digital readouts to both the vertical and horizontal axis’ to ensure fast and accurate setting was specified. David Ruck also opted for the heavy-duty flip-down stop extension to the measuring scale – a brilliant feature considering the machine is in a heavy production environment.

Key benefits which the entire Elcon range share are a robust modular welded frame to ensure accuracy throughout the machine’s lifetime and the ability to precision cut to 0.1mm. This guarantee is achieved by Elcon’s patented resin-casted guidance system. The Elcon 155DS vertical panel saw has the capacity to cut up to 55mm deep, allowing multiple panels to be cut at a time. MK Ply Lining find the repeat stop for strip cutting particularly useful as repeat size horizontal cuts are needed frequently for the ply shelving. Transport rollers for handling heavier sheet material are also a standard feature.

Daltons Wadkin provided a turnkey installation. Specialist HiAb transport removed the existing wall saw and at the same time delivered and positioned the new Elcon vertical panel saw before a factory-trained engineer installed and commissioned the machine ready for use. As part of the commissioning process, a group of operators received familiarisation training to safely set, operate and maintain the machine.

A production machinist from MK Ply Lining commented: “The entire team are so glad to have got rid of the old saw and have an Elcon back. The digital read-outs are the best feature. They save us time setting the machine and now because of the precision, we only need to make one cut.

Daltons Wadkin are the exclusive distributor for Elcon vertical panel saws in the UK and Ireland. The Elcon 155DS is an increasingly popular model in a variety of industries across the UK that require a robust machine, with accuracy and ease of use for use by multiple operators.

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