Kimla CNC Technology; Routers, Waterjets, Fiber Lasers

Daltons Wadkin have been sole distributors for Kimla CNC machines for over ten years. During that time the brand has gone from strength to strength with the continual development of cutting-edge routers, waterjets and fiber lasers.

Kimla are unique in the market. They have approached the design of their products from a very different standpoint to the majority of other CNC manufacturers. This is immediately evident in the overall build quality but can also be seen in the software and control system,’ comments Daltons Wadkin Managing Director, Alex Dalton.

Founded by award winning Polish entrepreneur Przemysław Kimla, the company spent its first years developing software and electronics, providing CNC systems for third party manufacturers. This included manufacturing PLC’s, inverters and drives – a complete eco system for computer numerical control. It soon became apparent that in order to exploit the full capabilities of the system, Kimla would need to make their own machines. Twenty-five years on and Kimla have over 250 employees across three locations producing a minimum of one CNC machine every day.

‘I have visited the Kimla factory many times and each time I go there is something new to see’, enthuses Alex. ‘Year on year growth is over 25% – a key aspect driving this demand is an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence. Almost every aspect of the machine is manufactured in house; monolithic frame; high precision surface grinding; software; PLC; inverter and more. The result is an uncompromised CNC machine with mechanics and electronics working in harmony’.

Further expansion of Kimla’s manufacturing capability is well underway with a fourth site due for completion in 2023. The new purpose built factory will boast a production area of almost 300,000 square feet and will allow Kimla to keep pace with soaring demand.

The Kimla range includes 3/4/5 axis CNC routers and knife cutting systems, from compact prototyping models through to high production machining centres for processing solid wood, wood based panels, composites, non-ferrous metals, rubber, foam and other advanced materials. Particularly useful is the option for an increased Z axis height up to 2100mm.

Waterjet models are popular for customers working with glass, stone, granite, marble and ceramics which are among the hardest most brittle materials encountered in industry. Working up to a thickness of 200mm or more, one of the principle advantages of CNC waterjet machines is the width of cut, less than 1 mm, allowing cutting out of extremely intricate shapes and precision cutting of tight corners.

New to the Daltons Wadkin portfolio for 2022 is the Kimla range of fiber lasers for processing ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal. An evolutionary jump from CO2 lasers, fiber lasers deliver uncompromised performance when coupled with Kimla’s unique CNC motion technology. With automatic pallet loading, compact operational footprint and a choice of laser powers up to 12 kW, the Kimla’s range of fiber lasers are aimed at manufacturers looking for a dynamic and highly efficient cutting system.

One of Kimla’s key areas of innovation is in their linear drive technology. Again, developed and manufactured in house, linear drives are an option on most models, but standard on each axis on their fiber lasers. High powered electromagnets produce frictionless movement – with no wearable parts, speed, acceleration and accuracy is increased tenfold over traditional rack and pinion systems.

At the heart of every Kimla CNC is their patented Dynamic Vector Analysis (DVA) control system – processing up to 20,000 lines of G-code per second for smooth regulation of the feed speed resulting in an unrivalled finish across a range of materials.

Regardless of what make or model machine you consider for your own production needs, perhaps the most important aspect to consider is support and back up. This is where the symbiosis of Kimla and Daltons Wadkin create a winning formula.

Daltons Wadkin has developed a specialist core team of CNC engineers within their support services department, dedicated to looking after Kimla customers across the UK and Ireland. This includes regionally based technicians for onsite support, a technical help desk for telephone and net assistance and extensive spare parts inventory held at their Nottingham facility.

To arrange a demonstration or for more information on the Kimla range of products and services contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201, visit or email