Daltons Wadkin confirms another year of growth post-COVID

Daltons Wadkin, the UK’s longest established distributor and manufacturer of industrial woodworking machinery, has achieved a second successive year of growth post the COVID-19 pandemic after revealing an additional 60% turnover.

Recognised as one of Nottingham’s oldest businesses, Daltons Wadkin’s ongoing growth has been largely fuelled by the ongoing demand for home and garden-related products, like garden furniture, fencing, and sheds.

As a result, the company continues to receive significant interest in its new and used machine line, solid wood processing equipment, like Stenner Band Resaws and Salvador Crosscut Saws, as well as woodwork machinery.

The company has also reported that it is likely to grow once again come the end of 2022, although Alex Dalton is expecting to see the industry’s ‘bubble’ burst at some point during the second half of the calendar year – something he says the company is fully prepared for.

He said: “Despite the fact that we were locked down for a long period of time, 2020 finished up as one of our highest turnover years.

“So far, it has remained the same. In the first two quarters of 2022, we have matched 2021s output and are on course for a similar turnover figure.

“Inevitably, though, with any bubble, it is going to burst. We’re expecting that. However, over the past 12 months, there have been some significant additions to our product portfolio that I believe will see our turnover continue to grow as we gain market share and expand into new industries.

“We have secured a distributor partnership with the world’s largest manufacturer of woodworking equipment, SCM, bolstering our classical machine offering. Furthermore, we are now offering Kimla Fiber Lasers featuring the most advanced sheet metal processing technology available.

As a result, the business will be continuing to grow its headcount and expand its showroom with the first Kimla Fiber Laser arriving in late June.

Alex Dalton continued: “Our big target is to continue our emphasis on customer satisfaction and machine support. We have invested in a software system that is built to handle our unique range of products and services and provides maximum transparency.

“There will be new staff acquisitions as well as we continue to grow the team as we continue to try and take a larger slice of the market that we’re in at the moment and grow in the new market we’re entering with the fibre laser.”