Salvador Provides the Right Kit for Timberkit Solutions

Salvador automatic crosscut

Just three weeks since the installation of their new Salvador S600 crosscut saw, we spoke to Managing Director of Timberkit Solutions, Simon Ball, to find out how the team were adjusting to automatic crosscutting.

Timberkit Solutions design, engineer and manufacture timber frame structures for the housing market, and are currently heading towards their 11th anniversary. The small firm have built a big reputation for customer care and service, Simon affirms “we’re very proactive and reactive to customer requests”.

Salvador automatic crosscutAs the company grew Simon began to search for a smarter crosscutting solution which could increase levels of operator safety and decrease timber wastage. After a phone call with Daltons Wadkin a demonstration was arranged on the Salvador Superangle 600 automatic crosscut saw.

Cutting lists can be manually entered directly at the machine, or from an office-based PC using a simple Excel spreadsheet macro uploaded using a USB drive or standard network connection. The heavy-duty infeed table is available in a range of capacities. As material is loaded the pusher arm scans the work piece reading its overall length and looking for any luminescent defecting marks. The optical scanning system is fixed and does not require any adjustment for varying timber thickness.

The Salvador S600 offered exactly what Timberkit Solutions were looking for, Simon explained “the S600 is a much safer way of Salvador automatic crosscutcrosscutting timber, the machine won’t start unless the safety enclosure is down. As MD and responsible health and safety that was a key factor”. Previously Timberkit Solutions used manual crosscuts and chop saws to process their timber. Simon recalled, “the crosscuts and chop saws never let us down, but it was time for a change”, and went on to explain the time-consuming process of manually measuring and cutting each piece of timber, and the amount of wastage left over at the end.

Since the Daltons Wadkin team installed the Salvador S600 three weeks ago, Simon admits they are still in the early stages of using the saw but have already seen a big difference to their production, telling us confidently that, “we’re predicting the S600 will cut 3- 4 times the amount of timber per week compared to our previous methods with half the staff”. Daltons Wadkin offer ongoing support to customers with new machinery, and Simon was very happy to tell us that “Daltons Wadkin are always on the other end of the phone to answer any question, big or small”.

For a company who pride themselves on customer service, Simon summarised why the Salvador S600 from Daltons Wadkin felt right for them, “we were offered cheaper saws which did a similar thing, but we were impressed by the Salvador’s proven track record and timely manner that our enquiries were being handled by Andy Walsh and the team. That was the clincher”.

Salvador automatic crosscutThe future looks exciting for Timberkit Solutions as they go forward with their new Salvador Superangle 600 automatic crosscut saw.

For more information on crosscutting solutions, or to book a working demonstration call Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201 or email

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