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Salvador SuperPush 250 at Mercia Garden Products

Mercia Garden Products Ltd, based in North Nottinghamshire, are specialist garden building manufacturers and supply a range of quality timber sheds, summer houses, greenhouses, award winning play houses, log cabins and fencing to an ever expanding market which embraces both domestic and public authority work.

The company process approximately 300,000 orders a year and their unique range of timber buildings are despatched to all parts of the UK.

In 2015 Malcolm Marriott and Terry Waldron approached Daltons Wadkin as they were looking to increase and speed up their crosscutting capacity. Accordingly a number of meetings took place with Daltons Wadkin Sales Director Andy Walsh in order to analyse the production rates and specification required and identify a machine which would meet their demands.

Daltons Wadkin have an impressive track record in providing the equipment to increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes in the timber industry and have considerable experience and expertise when it comes to crosscutting systems through their long association with Salvador, the Italian manufacturer of high speed programmable crosscutting technology. As main UK and Ireland distributors for Salvador the company have supplied and installed Salvador equipment to timber suppliers, joinery manufacturers and furniture specialists in all parts of the UK and are well used to planning and providing cutting systems and specifications to meet individual customer’s requirements.

“Daltons Wadkin provided expert advice and excellent aftersales support. A truly exceptional product”

Malcolm Marriot, Manufacturing Director

A full working demonstration was arranged at the Daltons Wadkin Nottingham showroom so that Mercia could see a Salvador machine put through its paces. There are a number of alternative configurations available and after examining these with Andy the model chosen was a Salvador Superpush 250 Optimising Saw with twin aligners, 6200 mm infeed pusher, 150 mm cutting depth and a chain side loading system.

This allows the machine to run continuously with minimum effort from the operator (bar loading the timber onto the feed chains). There is also an automatic outfeed ejection system synchronised with the cutting cycle, ensuring no loss of time when cutting. The waste trap door activates rapidly with the off-cuts dropping onto a waste conveyor.

The new machine has been installed and running at Mercia’s headquarters in Sutton-on-Trent for some months now and is revolutionising their manufacturing process. The machine has increased Mercia’s throughput and accuracy – the S250 being PC controlled provides full cut information for each shift and Malcolm Marriott (Operations Director) can see at a glance the impressive performance provided by his new investment.

Mercia have cut six million metres of shiplap, cladding and framing in the first 12 months since the machine was installed and on one occasion recorded 37,000 metres in one day!

Andy Walsh enthused, “We were so pleased to have the opportunity of providing this superb crosscutting technology to Mercia Garden Products and we were confident from the outset that the equipment provided would perform to and even beyond expectations. We have known Mercia for a number of years and although we are supplying Salvador crosscuts to all parts of the UK it is especially rewarding to have this opportunity and make such an impact within our own county of Nottinghamshire.”

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