Kimla Opens Doors for Closed Cell Polystyrene

Kimla Opens Doors for Closed Cell Polystyrene

Polyfoam XPS have been operating for over 30 years from their site in Hartlepool, building a well-established reputation for expertise in extruded polystyrene foam insulation. We interviewed Graeme Riches, Maintenance & Health and Safety Manager, about their decision to choose the Kimla BPF CNC router, and the benefits of investing with Daltons Wadkin.

cnc routerWhat is extruded polystyrene (XPS)?

Graeme explained the varied applications of XPS, which they supply to commercial, domestic, and industrial buildings for insulation, floorings, and flat roofs. “XPS is impervious to moisture so it can be used in damp or wet environments, it also has a high compressive strength which makes it perfect for inverted flat roofs, below concrete, and outside of basement structures”.

Why did you start looking for a CNC router?

Their previous CNC router and software was becoming dated. As the price and frequency of repairs increased, a cost analysis meeting decided it was time to find a modern replacement. Graeme and the team were looking for a CNC suitable for cutting XPS, with a user-friendly software package, and importantly – strong back up and training from the supplier.

How did you hear about the Kimla CNC router?

Whilst visiting another company who had recently installed a new CNC router, the MD of Polyfoam had an eye-opening conversation with the companies’ manager. “He said he wished he had bought the Kimla from Daltons Wadkin, so we came back and Googled it. His exact words were, we went cheap and cheerful, and he wished he hadn’t”. After the first enquiry was made, Alex Dalton, Director of Daltons Wadkin, visited Polyfoam XPS to discuss requirements onsite. Subsequently Graeme and the team travelled down to the Daltons Wadkin Open House Show, in October 2019, to see the Kimla in action.

Why did the Kimla BPF CNC stand out?

“We visited several on the market, what we liked about the Kimla was its robust build and design, it looked structurally sound for a factory environment. We liked the lifetime support that Daltons Wadkin offer with their remote access facility. Daltons Wadkin also offered training, and the price was very competitive”, enthused Graeme.

cnc foamHow have operators found working with the Kimla?

With limited experience of using CAD software it can feel daunting to develop into CNC technology. Following training, Graeme explained that operators have picked it up with ease. “The software is really easy to use for the designing of the cut programmes. When these are installed onto the Kimla, the day to day manufacturing use of the router is even easier. Once the machine has been set up to run a programme, the operators only have to load the boards, press the laser barrier reset and start, it couldn’t be any easier”.
Polyfoam opted for an automatic tool changer, one of various customisation options for the Kimla. An automatic tool changer makes it easy to change between programmes quickly, it also allows the use of multi-tool programmes, ensuring excellent manufacturing and efficiency.

Would you recommend a Kimla BPF CNC from Daltons Wadkin?

Lifetime back up and support for the Kimla BPF was one of the biggest selling points for Polyfoam XPS, and Graeme would recommend working with Daltons Wadkin for this reason. “We’ve used remote access on a few machines before and it’s been a godsend. It was one of the biggest selling points, and there was no additional cost for that service”.
“The training we received on site, and the support afterwards, was first class. Considering we had no one within the business with extensive knowledge of CNC routers we are now easily going from making programmes to manufacturing”. Polyfoam XPS have certainly invested in much more than a high performing CNC router, they have also developed a strong working relationship with Daltons Wadkin and received excellent support and backup.

For more information on the Kimla range of CNC machines, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 824 4855, email or visit

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