Elcon Vertical Panel Saw Increases Efficiency at Modular Housing Manufacturer

Elcon Vertical Panel Saw Increases Efficiency at Modular Housing Manufacturer

Stelling Properties look to Daltons Wadkin for expert advice on panel sawing technology

Engineers of innovative modular systems, Stelling Properties, were looking for a vertical panel saw to increase efficiency across their operation at Stelling Modular – their rapidly growing modular housing department. After speaking with the team at Daltons Wadkin about their specific requirements, the Elcon 155DS vertical wall saw was the ideal solution.

Modular housing is a revolutionary approach to sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically efficient homes. Already a tried and tested solution in Germany, Sweden and Japan, 2019 has seen the UK housing industry increase production with high quality modular housing solutions. Stelling Properties are at the forefront of their industry, producing modular structures for a range of clientele, by utilising some of the best machinery in building technology.

We spoke to Production Line Manager, Colin Anderson, who explained “we started looking at vertical panel saws because we wanted to increase our efficiency and also address some key safety concerns”. Their previous plunge saws and handheld circular saws had never let them down, but it was time to upgrade.

Following discussions with Daltons Wadkin about the best solution for their cutting requirements, Stelling Modular attended an in-house demonstration

and were immediately impressed by the Elcon DS LIMPIO. The patented and award winning LIMPIO system from Elcon greatly reduces dust emissions by simultaneously extracting waste from both the front and rear of the panel. The saw blade runs in an almost completely enclosed area reducing dust emission values to less than 0.5 mg/m3 linked to an appropriate LEV system.

Available as an option for the Elcon DS, DSX and TITAN models, the LIMPIO system is particularly advantageous when cutting large volumes of fibrous or cementitious material minimising airborne waste entering the operating area.

Nine months since the Elcon DS vertical panel saw was installed at Stelling Modular, Colin told us they have seen an exceptional increase in productivity. He explained to us that in each of the modules that they make there is a fully equipped bathroom, and  each bathroom requires a shower frame to be made. These shower frames were previously made with a plunge saw, and one operative could make perhaps eight or nine of these in a day. Colin was very proud to inform us that with the new vertical panel saw they have seen around a 50% increase in productivity, and one operative can now make around 16 frames per day using the Elcon.

New technology can appear challenging to some machinery operators, however the Elcon DS is made to be as user friendly and safe as possible. Colin was pleased to say that, “the operators find it incredibly easy to use, and the digital read outs make everything self-explanatory”, Colin continued, “I would certainly recommend an Elcon wall saw. It’s increased our efficiency in pretty much everything that we do”. We look forward to seeing Stelling Modular continue to grow in this revolutionary sector, and support their sustainable and positive impact on the modular housing market.

For more information on the Elcon range of vertical panel saws, contact Daltons Wadkin on 0115 9865201, visit www.daltonswadkin.com or email info@daltonswadkin.com