David Finds Kimla Solution in the ‘Nick’ of Time

Kimla CNC

Nicklin Furniture founder and lead designer affirms, “Everything we produce is one off. Our clients expect perfection”. David Nicklin spoke to us about what CNC machining means to them, why the Kimla BPF CNC router from machinery suppliers Daltons Wadkin was a perfect fit, and gave us an insight into the world of bespoke design.

Kimla CNCNicklin Furniture produce hand crafted, original one-off pieces for high profile clients. Working primarily with interior designers and architects, their speciality lies in creating bespoke joinery with the ability to incorporate a range of materials – catering to exact client requirements. Elements of their work relied heavily on out-sourcing CNC machined parts and samples, resulting in issues with tolerances, reliability and time. As the business grew, it was clear that an in- house CNC machine would take their capabilities and service to the next level.

“CNC machining for us is not necessarily capacity related”, David explains that in his industry the focus is on reliability, accuracy and capability rather than the speed of production. Bespoke furniture is not a case of mass production or quantity, especially when nothing is repeated, clients are looking for quality and perfection. David went on to say, “The reason we chose the Kimla from Daltons Wadkin was because everyone else we spoke to just wanted to tell me I could produce 30 kitchens in a week, and we didn’t want to do that. Daltons Wadkin were the first company to listen to us”.

The Kimla BPF CNC router offered Nicklin Furniture exactly what they needed. Perhaps one of the most appealing factors was the Kimla’s ability Kimla CNCto process a range of materials. David tells us about a recent project where the Kimla CNC proved its worth, “this job in terms of the CNC machine is probably the best we’ve had, because there’s so many cross-over elements where we’ve got to include brass work, veneer work, and timber work all together”. Being able to do this in house has been a great advantage for Nicklin Furniture. Daltons Wadkin were able to offer a Kimla CNC machine from stock to Nicklin Furniture which featured a large 2100 x 3100mm working area, “getting the bigger bed size has been great. We’re finding we can do things others can’t and offer more”.

The Kimla BPF CNC routers feature High Speed Machining (HSM). Kimla’s Dynamic Vector Analysis Control (DVA) system processes up to 15,000 lines of G-code per second for smooth regulation of the feed speed resulting in an unrivalled cutting finish across a range of materials. For customers that already have a preferred CAD/CAM package such as AlphaCAM, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Cabinet Vision etc., Kimla’s software works with the majority of file types to seamlessly integrate into your production workflow.

Introducing new technology to the workshop means a new learning curve for everyone. David told us there has been a fair amount of learning, but overall operators have adapted well to the new machinery. He explains that one of the nice things about the Kimla is that it is simple and intuitive.

Given the unique nature of bespoke work, the ability to produce samples is paramount for Nicklin Furniture. The Kimla CNC means they can now produce these samples in-house, the same day, reducing time and cutting out concerns over tolerances and reliability.

Since the Kimla BPF CNC was installed in November 2018, almost every project has been through the machine. We look forward to seeing the exciting and diverse projects to come from Nicklin Furniture in the future.

Daltons Wadkin are sole distributors for Kimla CNC routers in the UK and Ireland. For further information, expert advice or to arrange a demonstration call 0115 986 5201 or email info@daltonswadkin.com

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