Bairds Windows Invest in Stenner ST100R from Daltons Wadkin

stenner st100r band resaw

Family run since 1994, Bairds Windows in Newton Stewart have developed an impressive windows and doors manufacturing facility, which has grown to over triple their original capacity. We interviewed Malcolm Baird, Fabrication Director, about the heritage of Bairds Windows and the decision to invest in a new Stenner ST100R band resaw from Nottingham based machinery specialists, Daltons Wadkin.

stenner st100r band resaw What does Bairds Windows produce, and who for?

With over 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing high quality windows and doors, Bairds windows have now acquired a facility over three times the size of their previous workshop. Their customer base is varied, supplying PVC and timber products to domestic homes, commercial sites, and council buildings.

Why did you start looking for a new band resaw?

The old resaw started to show signs of ageing and inaccuracy. Limitations with cutting capacity, lengthy processing times and excess wastage prompted the decision to invest. “We had limited deeping facility on the old machine. We’re hoping to supply timber weatherboards, so that was one of the main reasons why we chose the Stenner”, explained Malcolm.

When did you first hear about Stenner machinery?

“My Dad had always wanted a Stenner, it’s just one of those things”, Malcolm shared his Dads enthusiasm for Stenner machinery. After already investing in a Salvador automatic crosscut saw from Daltons Wadkin, it was a visit to the W Exhibition where Malcolm and his Dad, Eric Baird, saw the Stenner ST100R in action. The ST100R is a ‘pitless’ resaw requiring no special installation other than the requirement for mains electricity, air supply and extraction. Established in 1875, Stenner are a British manufacturer renowned for their ‘bomb proof’ range of band resaws.

How easy is it to use the Stenner ST100R?

The Stenner has simplified the job for the operators, saving time and material waste, enthuses Malcolm. “What we used to have was more complicated to work – adjusting blades, taking the tension off. With the Stenner you just have to flick a button”. The ST100 range of resaws all feature pneumatic blade strain, factory set pressure guides and automatic blade lubrication.

stenner st100r band resaw

What are the key benefits of the Stenner resaw?

“The key benefits are the accuracy of the timber that’s coming off the machine, and minimising the amount of waste”, Malcolm explained the financial saving incurred through less waste has been significant. To further increase productivity, included as standard equipment on the ST100R, is a pneumatically operated radial arm feed which is activated by photocell. As standard the machine incorporates a hand wheel for fine adjustment and a foot pedal override facility is also available as an option. This allows the operator to control the feed remotely while simultaneously feeding lengthy timbers.

Would you recommend a Stenner ST100R from Daltons Wadkin?

“Bairds would recommend a Stenner from Daltons Wadkin. The service was great, everything the sales director, Andy Walsh, promised was delivered”. Malcolm concluded with, “It’s the Rolls Royce of resaws”. Daltons Wadkin worked closely with Bairds Windows to offer a machine which not only fitted their current requirements, but importantly would also grow with the business over the next twenty years or more.
Investment in a Stenner resaw was not only a business decision for Bairds Windows, the personal goal of owning a new Stenner machine has now been reached. We wish Malcolm and Eric Baird all the best as they continue to develop their product range, and surpass their ambitions.

For further information on the Stenner range of band resaws visit, email our experts, or call our team on 0115 986 5201

Stenner ST100R Band Resaw