2nd Altendorf F45 for Attic Room Retail

Attic Room Retail Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Founded in an Attic, the Attic Room Retail have now grown into a team of 70 people, operating from a farm in the countryside of Market Harborough, who are driven by a passion for creativity and the delivery of excellence. Altendorf panel saws are key to the realisation of the creative process. The company blends shopper strategy, innovative creativity, engineering, manufacturing and installation. The Attic Room Retail provide a straight forward, immersive service with unrivalled results.

Following the success of the first Altendorf F45 panel saw, Clive Smith, Operations Manager, took no hesitation in contacting Daltons Wadkin to discuss a second machine.

‘Daltons Wadkin have always been at the forefront of supplying woodworking machinery. In recent years there has been a significant increase in demand for versatile machinery to accommodate materials other than wood. The Altendorf F45 is a perfect example of being predominantly a woodworking tool, but can be used confidently and efficiently for processing non-ferrous metals, composites, SIPS and plastics to name a few’, comments Alex Dalton.

The Attic Room Retail is made up of a vast amount of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship. The best team of creative and development designers push the boundaries to deliver the ultimate shopper experience. The craft, however takes many different forms. A broad array of materials and consistent production on the farm means the manufacturing team need powerful, versatile and ergonomic machinery in order to ensure customers’ projects are manufactured, delivered and installed on time.

As a leading UK supplier for Altendorf, Daltons Wadkin have supplied many F45 panel saws into workshops with similar requirements as The Attic Room. With full confidence in the F45’s ability and precision, Clive Smith selected the ideal specification for the business, and with Daltons Wadkin factory trained engineer’s assistance, soon had the perfect saw commissioned into the workshop.

The Altendorf F45 was supplied with a 3400mm long sliding table and 1300mm rip fence with fine adjustment for sizing sheet materials such as aluminium, MDF, acrylics and laminate with ease. The 2-axis scoring unit with motorised vertical and lateral setting ensures a clean, break-out free cut.

The versatility of the F45 shined through, as cutting timber, Corian and plastics is now a common practice on the machine as opposed to using a separate crosscutting saw. A three-speed adjustable drive motor helps the range of material sizes to be cut safely, with ease.

‘We have over 10 trained members of staff using the saw for over 8 hours per day. The clear improvement in accuracy and ease-of-use, compared to our previous methods is like night and day. Now we have two Altendorf panel saws, the days of fighting over who uses the F45 is over.”

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