Boost crosscutting productivity with SalvaStop from Daltons Wadkin


Developed and manufactured by Salvamac, the SalvaStop 100 is the latest evolution in programmable stop technology. When used in conjunction with a new or existing crosscut saw the SalvaStop will reduce labour costs, eliminate expensive measuring errors and increase efficiency.

Daltons Wadkin Director Alex Dalton comments, ‘Compared to traditional measuring methods that require the operator to manually set a length stop for each cut, SalvaStop brings an instant boost to productivity and accuracy. Our customers have welcomed the simplicity and quality of the system. SalvaStop replaces manual turn over stops or laborious tape measurement allowing the operator to work quickly and efficiently.’


A large 7” colour touch screen provides the operator with an intuitive graphical interface for operating the SalvaStop. An operator can be trained in a matter of seconds, working in one of three modes; Jog, Single, Cycle. Jog is used for increasing the stop position by a set amount incrementally. Single allows one off dimensions to be entered with programmable ‘hot keys’ to recall common lengths. In Cycle mode up to 100 cutting lists can be programmed for continual production work.

Cutting lists can be entered by the operator directly at the machine, or remotely by an office based worker. After each cut the SalvaStop automatically repositions itself ready for the next cut.

Available in a range of working lengths from 1.4m to 5.4m, the foundation of the SalvaStop is an aluminium beam that provides a smooth fence against which work pieces can slide, and houses the high capacity pusher transmission system. A high-tensile toothed belt, reinforced with 34 individual steel strips connects the servo drive positioning motor with the pusher. The servo drive operates in a closed loop, receiving continual feedback on every movement to maintain maximum working accuracy even under heavy load.

To exploit the full potential of SalvaStop, combine it with a Salvamac Classic semi-automatic crosscut saw for safe, efficient 90° crosscutting. Once the cycle is engaged a pneumatic pressure beam descends enclosing the saw blade and clamping the timber securely during the cut. The cutting speed can be adjusted to suit different cutting depths and timber species with the whole process taking just a second to complete with no physical effort by the operator.

For more information or to arrange a working demonstration of the Salvamac SalvaStop in combination with the Classic crosscut saw contact sole distributors Daltons Wadkin on 0115 986 5201, or email

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