Two Stenners For Mid Sussex timber

In 2009 Mid Sussex Timber situated in Forest Row visited Daltons’ stand at the W8 Exhibition to discuss the purchase of a new Stenner ST130 Band Resaw to replace an existing Robinson 36″ machine.

Subsequent to this Francis Dalton visited the Sussex sawmill with Sales Director Andy Walsh, resulting in an order being placed for the Stenner 130 machine, but this was always regarded as the first stage of a double purchase and in the spring of 2011 interest was renewed in the second machine.

Accordingly Francis and Andy had another trip down to Sussex in order to negotiate the sale of a new Resaw which this time replaced an ageing Stenner 48″ machine.

The two machines, situated one each end of their mill, now handle practically all the company’s sawing requirements with the added advantage of interchangeability of spare parts, sawblades, etc.

Mill Manager Ian Budgen was very pleased with the capacity and performance of the first machine incorporating as it does HMI controls, programmable fence settings and a pitless design obviating the need for special foundations. The company therefore looked no further when it came to the second machine, as Ian said “We were delighted with the first one which was delivered and professionally installed by Daltons Wadkin and it therefore seemed a no brainer to get the same team in again in order to further increase the efficiency of our production.”

Francis Dalton added “It is always nice to get repeat orders and we are delighted with the association we have built up with Mid Sussex Timber which we hope will continue for many years to come.”


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