Stenner boosts production at Cargo Pallets

A leading supplier in the north east of pallets and crates for the packing industry, Cargo Pallets Ltd, a family owned business spanning three generations, approached woodworking machine distributors and manufacturers Daltons as they required to significantly increase their production of sawn timber.

Rising prices of timber emphasised the need to improve performance within the company and after a working demonstration at Daltons Nottingham showroom the company opted for a new Stenner ST100R Resaw which provides high performance with user friendly technology without the need for a floor pit. The opportunity was taken also to replace their old Crosscutting Machine with a newMaggi 700S Radial Arm Saw which admits blades up to 500 mm diameter enabling the cutting of large timber sections.

Daltons Sales Director Andy Walsh commented “We were pleased to have the opportunity of supplying the new equipment to Cargo Pallets which was delivered, installed and commissioned by our own engineering team and which we hope will deliver the improvements in performance demanded by our customer. The Stenner ST100R Resaw is a very technically competent machine which has proved both popular and reliable across a wide range of users and we are confident that this installation in the north east will prove to be a great success.

Neil McCutcheon of Cargo Pallets who researched the market himself before choosing the Stenner machine is delighted with the impact which the Resaw has had, enabling the machine to be used even more than anticipated, sizing all manner of timber and enabling them to achieve and maintain superior lead times.


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