Salvador Success Story


They say success leads to success and the number of Salvador crosscutting installations within the UK is increasing almost day by day.  Indeed UK distributors Daltons Wadkin feel they are breaking the mould and changing thinking when it comes to improving crosscutting performance and production levels.

Alex Dalton commented, “Every time we complete a Salvador installation there seems to be another prospect just around the corner.  The Salvador straight and angle cutting machines which are fully programmable with automatic infeed and outfeed are going into a variety of industries, indeed anywhere where fast accurate crosscutting performance is required.  Typical users to date include furniture and joinery manufacturers, timber merchants, sawmills and pallet and case makers and we are achieving sales in all parts of the country from the South and South West of England, Wales, the Midlands, the North and Scotland.”

Daltons Wadkin feel this is a major success story backed up by an Italian manufacturer with high ambition and a determination to provide the highest ethical and quality standards.  Alex says, “Salvador are a similar family run business to our own and the partnership between us works extremely well.  The result is that we not only have total confidence in the product but also a relationship with the manufacturer which enables us to provide the highest level of customer support both in terms of often bespoke crosscutting solutions and importantly product reliability and performance.”

The Salvador Crosscuts incorporate a full range of optimising and defecting machines, whether for cutting to length and/or angle cutting, with large cutting capacities in terms of depth, width and material length and a host of automatic infeed and outfeed options.


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