Salvador Classics Make Life ‘Easy’

Salvador Classic semi auto crosscut saw

Compared with traditional crosscutting methods, Daltons Wadkin offers instant advantages from the first working day with the Salvador Classic.

Italian crosscut saw specialists, Salvador, are best known for their impressive range of programmable automatic crosscut saws that increase yield, reduce labour, reduce operator skill requirements and boost productivity. The new Classic range of semi-automatic crosscut saws provides many of these advantages in a solid, safe and simple design.

Safe operation is ensured through two hand button control. The machine will only operate once the operator has manually started the saw cycle by pressing two independent buttons, one with each hand, keeping fingers and limbs away from the saw line. Once the cycle is engaged a pneumatic pressure beam descends enclosing the saw blade and clamping the timber securely during the cut. The cutting speed can be adjusted to suit different cutting depths and timber species with the whole process takes just a second to complete with no physical effort by the operator.

Available in three sizes 40-50-60, the Classic delivers fast, efficient and accurate 90° crosscutting. The Classic 60 features a 600mm diameter saw blade with pendulum sawing motion to achieve an impressive 610mm wide or 150mm deep cut with high powered 9.2 kW motor. Constructed from heavy duty steel, the Classic crosscutting saws are designed and manufactured to work continually in hard conditions with heavy materials. The balanced saw assembly reduces strain on moving parts.

Each model is supplied with one meter infeed and one meter outfeed tables as standard, but can be increased to any length required in one meter increments. The steel tables feature optional idle rollers giving 230 kg load capacity for the Classic 40 and 50 models, and 600 kg capacity for the Classic 60 model.

Any number of manual and/ or pneumatic flip over stops can be specified to suit specific applications. Pneumatic stops are manually positioned to length and then quickly engaged up or down from the operators working position.

In addition to specialist delivery, installation and commissioning services, Daltons Wadkin also offers certificated operator training for experienced and novice operators on any woodworking machine type.

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