Sedgwick TESH


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  • Features

    • Manufactured in the UK
    • Top and bottom tenoning heads
    • Vertical spindle
    • Mechanical digital readouts to head positions
    • Swivel fence movement
    • Manual clamping
    • Manual table movement
  • Description

    A quick and simple machine to set up with accurate operation. Work is positioned on the rolling table against an end stop and fence. The tenon width is set by raising or lowering the top motor and its position on the timber by moving both tenon heads up or down. Each head has its own independent motor. Each head also has a provision for profile knives to enable the operator to match the cross section of the components being jointed. Stepped tenons, slayed tenons, scribed tenons, double tenons and multiple bridle are all possible on this versitile machine. Built to withstand continuous production, the Sedgwick range of tenoners are invaluble to any workshop.

  • Specification

    • Tenoning heads x 2
    • Vertical spindle x 1
    • Timber capacity 130 x 310 mm
    • Timber capacity with fence at 45ยบ 130 x 195 mm
    • Maximum length of tenon 155 mm
    • Maximum length of tenon with two passes 205 mm
    • Vertical adjustment of bottom head 0 - 60 mm
    • Vertical adjustment of top head 0 - 120 mm
    • Horizontal adjustment of top head +/- 32 mm
    • Table size 800 x 310 mm
    • Table height 860 mm
    • Tenon spindle diameter 30 mm
    • Scribe head shaft diameter 30 mm (end tapped M12; 8 mm keyway)
    • Effective length of scribe shaft 75 mm
    • Vertical movement of scribe spindle 95 mm
    • Horizontal movement of scribe spindle 30 mm
    • Maximum diameter of scribe tooling 210 mm
    • Extraction outlet diameter 3 x 150 mm
    • Nett weight 350 kg
    • Overall dimensions 920 mm (L) x 1220 mm (W) x 1350 mm (H)
    • Motor 2 x 2.2 kW, 1 x 4 kW
    • Power 3 phase
  • Disclaimer

    Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and improvement, specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. We can accept no liability for discrepancies in specifications or illustrations contained in our publications or the publications of our suppliers.

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