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  • Features
    • Up to 3 mm coiled edging
    • Up to 3 mm solid edging
    • Optional pre-milling
    • Optional rounding unit
    • “Orion One Plus” control
    • Single-block steel machine frame
    • Numeric readout of the selected panel
    • Telescopic front panel support
    • Safety enclosure
    • Electrical cabinet with PLC, padlockable main switch and overload protection
    • Emergency pushbutton
  • Description

    The SCM K 230 Evo is an industrial edgebander, easy to use and equipped with everything you need for the complete and professional processing of panels. The “Orion One Plus” control interface features a 4” display with soft touch keyboard for the selectin of the different operating units and machine functions.

    The K 230 Evo is available in three compositions.

    Composition “A” – Glue Unit, Guillotine, End Cutting, Trimming Unit, with space for 2/ 3 additional finishing units.

    Composition “T” – Pre-milling, Glue Unit, Guillotine, End Cutting, Trimming Unit, with space for 2/ 3 additional finishing units.

    Composition “T-ER1” – Pre-milling, Glue Unit, Guillotine, End Cutting, Trimming Unit, Corner Rounding, edge scraping unit, with space for 2 additional finishing units.

    Basic Machine Units

    Pre-Milling Unit (K 230 Evo T/ T-ER1 models only)
    “RT-V1” – It trims the panel edge obtaining a perfect uniform surface for the glue application and a perfect jointing line with the edge.

    Gluing Unit
    “VC-V1” – It carries out the automatic gluing with hot melt glue of edges in rolls and strips on straight panels.

    End Cutting Unit
    “K-1” – single-motor end cutting unit It carries out the cutting of the front and rear exceeding edge.

    Trimming Unit
    “R-K” – It carries out the trimming of the top and bottom exceeding edge.

    Corner Rounding Unit (K 230 Evo T-ER1 model only)
    “ROUND-1” – It carries out the automatic rounding of front and rear plastic edges angle of straight panels and panels with “radius” (see working examples).

    Optional Finishing Units
    Edge Scraping Unit
    “RAS-V” – It eliminates the presence of notches left from the tools during the trimming from the plastic edges.

    Glue Scraping Unit
    “RC-N” – It eliminates any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge. It is also possible the removal of small edge exceeding (0,1 mm for 1 mm edges). Suitable for machining panels coming from nesting cycle.

    Brushing Unit
    “SP-M” – With two independent motors (0,14 kW 2.800 rpm) for the cleaning/polishing of the edge.

  • Specification
    • Edging thickness, min. - max. 0.4 - 3 mm
    • Sold edging thickness, max. 3 mm
    • Panel thickness, min. - max. 8 - 60 mm
    • Panel length, min. 160 mm
    • Panel width, min. 100 mm
    • Feed speed 9 m/min
    • Glue pot capacity 1.5 kg
    • Extraction outlet(s) Information available on request
    • Power 3 phase
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  • Important information

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