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  • Features
    • Up to 3 mm coiled edging
    • Up to 5 mm solid edging
    • PLC control
    • Single-block steel machine frame
    • Numeric readout of the selected panel
    • Telescopic front panel support
    • Centralized extraction outlet
    • Safety enclosure
    • Electrical cabinet with PLC, padlockable main switch and overload protection
    • Emergency pushbutton
  • Description

    The SCM Minimax ME 25 is a through feed hotmelt edgebander with end cutting and trimming unit suitable for coiled edging up to 3 mm thick, and solid edge strips up to 5 mm thick. The ME 25 is equipped as standard with the edge scraping finishing unit, and brushing unit. The brushing unit can be swapped for the glue scraping unit (ME 25 RC) if required.

    The machine is PLC controlled that allows an easy selection of all the main functions, among them, the operating units switching on and off. The PLC guides the operator during maintenance, cleaning, diagnostic operations, etc.

    The glue is heated rapidly and evenly with automatic temperature lowering after a temporary halt in production to avoid burning the adhesive. Two rollers press the edge banding evenly and efficiently on to the panel edge. The glue spreading roller with heating elements inside provides a uniform glue spread the optimal working temperature.

    The machine units operate with slide copying pads to align perfectly to the work piece. Cutters are designed for straight or radius trimming of any type of edge, whether it is thick or thin, made of PVC, ABS, melamine, laminate or wood. The edge thickness is easily set by means of two numerical readouts.

    Basic machine units

    Glue pot unit, edge loading and pressing system

    • hot melt glue with quick heat up system and internally teflon coated to allow an easy glue replacement
    • glue application on the panel by means of glue spreading roller
    • temperature adjustment of the applied glue integrated in the PLC control
    • device for automatic recovery of unused glue
    • automatic edge loading system for rolled edges with shear device for 3 mm max. thickness edges
    • coil holder plate, 730 mm diameter
    • pressing unit with n. 2 steel edge pressure rollers
    • adjustable infeed fence with numeric readout
    • automatic lowering of the glue pot temperature after a temporary non-use of the machine

    End cutting unit

    • With motor for 90° end cutting of front and rear exceeding edge.
    • The blade alignment with reference to the cutting point is carried out using a new copying device which ensures a constant and precise cutting under any working condition.

    Superposed trimming unit

    • Equipped with vertical copying pads for an accurate positioning of tools with reference to the cutting point.
    • The unit is provided with 72 mm diameter, combined cutters: the radius part of the cutter is used to trim 2 mm radius edges and chamfered thin edges. The straight part of the cutter is used for the trimming of edges in wood up to 5 mm. Changing from radius edge to edge in wood is done easily moving the cutters axially. The edge thickness is shown by 2 numeric readouts.

    Edge scraping unit

    • For the finishing of 3 mm PVC/ABS edges.
    • It assures an excellent vibration free finish thanks to its high rigidity structure.
    • High working precision thanks to the horizontal and vertical copying pads (with chrome plated surfaces), which assure an accurate positioning of the knives in relation to the cutting point.

    Brushing unit

    • With two independent motors for the cleaning and polishing of the edge.
    • Tilted, vertically adjustable motors to optimize the cleaning/polishing action.


    Optional equipment

    The ME 25 brushing unit can be swapped for the glue scraping unit;

    Glue scraping unit (ME 25 RC)

    • It eliminates any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge, improving the panel cleaning.
  • Specification
    • Edging thickness, min. - max. 0.4 - 3 mm
    • Sold edging thickness, max. 5 mm
    • Panel thickness, min. - max. 12 - 50 mm
    • Panel thickness, edge scrapers, min. - max. 16 - 50 mm
    • Panel length, min. 190 mm
    • Panel width, min. 65 mm
    • Feed speed 7 m/min
    • Glue pot capacity 0.8 kg
    • Work table dimensions 2600 x 530 mm
    • Extraction outlet(s) Information available on request
    • Compressed air 6.5 - 8 bar
    • Power 3 phase
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  • Important information

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