SCM Minimax C 30G

Universal Combination

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  • Features

    • Tiltable saw unit
    • Optional 'Xylent' cutter block
  • Description

    Universal combined machine with all Minimax quality, at the most affordable price, ideal for demanding hobbyists and crafts woodworking workshops.

    The distinctive features of all our combined woodworking machines are:


    The system of surfacing worktable opening toward the inside of the machine guarantees an excellent ergonomics.
    All woodworking combined machines are equipped with anodised-extruded guides with support and rapid locking and an effective feeding system for the planer. These features make these machines easy-to-use for any type of machining.


    Maximum flexibility when using the cutters, with the spindle moulder unit equipped with various speeds. The machines are equipped with spindle moulder hood with micrometric adjustment, very useful for moulding working.
    The tenoning operations (option) are easy tank to the aluminium carriage and the dedicated speed


    A tillable saw unit, with sliding of the anodised aluminium carriage next to the blade for a better cutting precision are only some of the standard equipment of the Minimax woodworking combined machines.
    The lifting and tilting of the unit with practical hand wheels guarantee an easy setting among different machining.


    Rich CE safety devices, like the shaft protection to carry out shaping operation and working on curved profiles. The machining on the planer is very easy thanks to the large dimension surfacing tables

    Tilting saw unit with a 250 mm blade and a maximum blade projection from table at 90° of 80 mm. The saw unit can be raised and tilted using convenient hand-wheels. The anodised aluminium sliding table, with a 1200 mm stroke, slides next to the blade, thus ensuring better cutting precision. Maximum flexibility in spindle moulder tool use, with the unit with 2 speed (5000/7500 rpm). The machines have a spindle moulder fence with micro-metric adjustment, a feature which is particularly useful on profiling jobs. Tenoning is easy too, thanks to the aluminium sliding table, the right speed setting and the special protection hood (option). To keep the machine compact and make machining easier, the surfacing table opens towards the inside of the machine. Thanks to an efficient feed system, the thicknessing unit can process wood up to 200 mm thick.

  • Specification

    • Cutterhead working width 300 mm
    • Jointer bed length 1200 mm
    • Max. sawblade diameter 250 mm
    • Sawblade arbor size 16 mm
    • Max. sawblade projection (90°/45°) 75 mm / 2.9 mm
    • Cutting width on parallel fence 540 mm
    • Max. useful spindle length 75 mm
    • Max. tool diameter when profiling 160 mm
    • Spindle moulder speed 4000 rpm
    • Three-phase motors 2.5 Hp
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