Vertical Panel Saw

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  • Features

    • Deep cutting up to 150mm
    • Automatic cutting cycle option
    • Pneumatic head plunge
    • Automatic shifting back frame for panel support
    • Fine adjustment flip down fence stop
    • Pneumatic tilting of saw head
    • Fully enclosed saw blade
    • Programming rail for repeat work
    • Repeat stop for horizontal strip cutting
    • Mid rail fence for supporting smaller work pieces
    • Extreme accuracy 0.1mm/m
    • Integrated electronic safety circuit
    • Electronic readout to vertical and horizontal position available as option
  • Description

    Panel cutting requirements today often exceed the standard 60mm or 80mm capacity offered by most vertical panel saw manufacturers. There has been an increasing demand for thicker panel materials of 100mm, 120mm 135mm end even 150mm used in industry – particularly the sandwich panels which generally comprise of a combination of differing materials, such as a soft inner core and an external cladding of wood, plastic, aluminium or even steel.

    Elcon has recognised this need and has subsequently designed cutting solutions for these thicker panels to suit a wide range of industries. The efforts of the engineering department have resulted in the introduction of a new model within the wide range of Elcon vertical panel saws – the DSD TITAN.

    The new model contains unique user characteristics. To provide the increased cutting capacity the guidance system is based upon Elcon’s tried and tested reliable construction techniques. As standard it is equipped with a powerful 5.5kw (7.5hp) motor (with optional 7.5kw, 10hp S6) and pneumatic rotation of the saw head.

    A number of optional features are available to refine the machine to bespoke user requirements. Amongst these is a specially designed saw guard to protect even very sensitive top layers of panels, automatic panel detection to prevent damaging the panel edges and a laser line indicator to show the saw cutting line. Also variable feed speed to allow adaption for optimal cutting, automatic cutting cycle for both vertical and horizontal axis, adjustable stroke length and touch screen control for clear selection of functions and precise peration.

    Frame sizes and capacities

    The Elcon TITAN is available in two frame sizes for working with standard board dimensions available in the UK;

    155 frame – 3300 x 1550 mm cutting capacity

    215 frame – 4300 x 2150 mm cutting capacity

    Special – customised cutting capacities available on request

    For non-standard material sizes the TITAN can be extended vertically and/ or horizontally to provide increased cutting capacity.

    Back frame and support

    As with most Elcon vertical panel saws the TITAN features an automatic shifting back frame. Panels are supported by a series of horizontal backing strips. When cutting horizontally inevitably the sawing line will sometimes coincide with the support strips. Rather than cutting through the support strips the Elcon TITAN recognises when this will happen and moves the support strips out of the sawing line. This is all done automatically requiring no input from the operator, ensuring no damage is caused to the machine. The system can be powered pneumatically or electronically.

    When cutting smaller work pieces a mid-rail fence can be engaged raising the working height of the machine to save the operator having to bend down.

    Saw head

    Key to the TITAN is the pneumatically operated saw head. Rather than the operator manually plunging the saw into the material when cutting, the TITAN is pneumatically assisted requiring almost no effort to make the plunge. This is particularly useful when cutting thicker panels, or when cutting larger panels at height.

    Fine adjustment is included on the saw head for precise setting of horizontal cuts. The balanced sawing head automatically tilts through 90° to set up for either vertical or horizontal cutting.

    For repetitive horizontal strip cutting the machine is supplied with a repeat stop. This allows the saw head to be quickly lowered and set against the last cut for consistent accuracy.

    As standard the TITAN model also includes a programming rail allowing the operator to setup repeatable sawing head positions for irregular horizontal cutting dimensions.


    The TITAN features a heavy duty flip down fence stop with fine adjustment providing a positive and robust datum for positioning panels when cutting vertically. The saw beam is locked into one of a series of positions (0, 1, 2 etc) and the fence stop adjusted. For example, when cutting 1300mm, the fence is positioned to 300mm and the saw beam locked at position 1, for 2300mm the fence remains positioned at 300mm and the saw beam locked into position 2.

    LIMPIO – superior dust extraction

    The patented and award winning LIMPIO system from Elcon greatly reduces dust emissions by simultaneously extracting waste from both the front and rear of the panel. The saw blade runs in an almost completely enclosed area reducing dust emission values to less than 0.5 mg/m3.

    Available as an option for the Elcon DS, DSX and TITAN models, the LIMPIO system is particularly advantageous when cutting large volumes of fibrous or cementitious material minimising airborne waste entering the operating area. The LIMPIO system can be connected to your existing LEV system, subject to suitability. Alternatively we can supply a dust extraction unit to suit all models in the Elcon range.


    Vertical panel saws are generally considered one of the safest panel sizing methods available when used by trained operators. The Elcon TITAN goes further and includes a series of electronic safety systems that monitor the machines saw beam position and head tilt orientation. The machine will not start if it is not correctly set up with the beam locked/ unlocked and head positioned correctly for horizontal or vertical cutting.

    Automatic cutting cycle

    The Elcon TITAN vertical panel saw is available with an automatic cutting cycle. All the cutting movements are carried out automatically, engaged by the touch of button. Throughout the process the cutting speed can be adjusted from 0 – 20 m/min depending on the material being cut. The cutting height and length is also adjusted to the actual size of panel being cut.

    Further additions to the automatic cycle allow automatic programmable positioning of the saw unit, programmable strip cutting, automatic head rotation and saw beam positioning with touch screen control.

    Optional equipment

    The Elcon TITAN is well equipped in its standard specification but additional features are available to further tailor the machine to your exact requirements;

    Digital readouts – two large electronic displays allow for precise, repeatable setting of the saw head and fence to within 0.1mm.

    Measuring stop extension – a large fence stop can be moved into position providing a larger surface area against which to position panels. Once the flip down fence stop is positioned it locks into the extension ensure absolute accuracy.

    Variable speed motor – infinitely adjustable speed control

  • Specification

    • Blade diameter options 400/ 450 mm
    • Blade bore diameter 30 mm
    • Maximum cutting depth 135/ 150 mm
    • Cutting width options 4300/ 6300/ 8300 mm
    • Cutting height options 1550/ 2150 mm
    • Saw speed 2800 rpm
    • Accuracy of cut 0.1 mm/m
    • Motor 5.5/ 7.5 kW
  • Literature

  • Disclaimer

    Our suppliers have a policy of continuous product development and improvement, specifications are therefore subject to change without notice. We can accept no liability for discrepancies in specifications or illustrations contained in our publications or the publications of our suppliers.

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