Altendorf WA8 TE

Sliding Table Panel Saw

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  • Features
    • Powered rise/ fall/ tilt
    • Scoring saw unit
    • Single sided mitre fence
    • Digital display of tilt angle
    • Rip fence with manual fine adjustment
    • Overhead crown guard with extraction port
  • Description

    Accurate: The Altendorf WA 8 TE with motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment of the main saw blade.

    Ergonomic controls: With the Altendorf WA 8 TE the height and angle of the blade are simply adjusted at the press of a button. The digital display of the angle remains in your field of vision at all times during the cutting operation.

    If you’re looking for a machine which is robust, ready for the anything and easy to operate, you’re right on target with the Altendorf WA 8. Whether you’re squaring panels or cutting complex angles and mitres, the Altendorf WA 8 is the right companion for you. Manufactured to Altendorf’s rigorous technological standards, the WA 8 entices with its solid build quality and ergonomic flexibility. As soon as you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one. That’s what happens when you decide to invest in the high quality only the world market leader can provide.


  • Specification
    • Blade diameter, max. 400 mm
    • Cutting depth, max. 125 mm
    • Sliding table length 3200 mm
    • Rip fence capacity 1300 mm
    • Blade tilt 0 - 45°
    • Blade speed 3/4/5000 rpm
    • Sliding table capacity 3105 mm
    • Crosscut fence capacity 3200 mm
    • Extraction outlet(s) Top 80 mm, bottom 120 mm
    • Table height 910 mm
    • Motor, main 5.5 kW (7.5 HP)
    • Motor, scoring unit 0.75 kW (1 HP)
    • Power 3 phase
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